Monday, 15 November 2010

Harry Potter & The Bloody Pointless Part One

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part One
Harry Potter & The Movie Not Review, Part One
Harry Potter & The Bloody Pointless Part One

Harry Potter & The Deadly Serious.
Harry Potter & The Darkly Sorrows.
Harry Potter & The Bleakly Hollow.
Harry Potter & The Dramatically Slowest.
Harry Potter & The Two Part Cash Cow.
Harry Potter & The 2 1/2 hour Trailer

Harry Potter & The Dolby Stereo.
Harry Potter & The Dobby Whatfors.
Harry Potter & The Harry Potters.

Ok, it's not THAT bad.
In fact, it's actually like the book.
Some good bits here and there,
A lot of sitting around in tents,
At least 450000 pages / 45 minutes too long,
And a lot of bloody pointless scenes.

There was a serious lack of Severus though.
Snape was AWESOME in that brief (and chilling) opening scene.
Then... habis. No more Snape.
Saving Snape for the next one is it?
Good to have more Bellatrix though.
Helena Bonham Carter is awesome.

Ooooh, Emma Watson. Hot.
Cleavage = 8 = just right.
She's legal now, so it's ok to give a a cleavage rating.
Not digging her new tomboy look though.
(Not in the movie, of course)
But she's still hot.
BTW, why is Harry taking his shirt off all the time?
Should give Emma Watson the clothes stripping duties.

Seriously, couldn't they have made it just ONE movie?
Then they could have done away with this one.
Condense everything into one movie,
More action, less pointless chatty scenes.
Then again, they're doing that to The Hobbit too.
Oh dear.
Oh well, at least this wasn't in 3D....


vincent said...

Actually in this book also Snape doesn't play any role until the very end, so not seeing much of Snape in this movie is kinda expected.

FA said...

so shud we watch it?

Medie007 said...

lols! that's a good one. especially on Emma's cleavage. LOLs. love bellatrix too! wooots!

then again, haven't even watch the movie. but knowing there's more of bellatrix, now i'm tempted. haha.

lishun said...

i enjoyed it eventhough i agree it could have definitely been done in one movie, not two.

best thing about the harry potter series is that as it progressed, the three kids became real friends and their characters were very well portrayed.

i especially loved the part in xenophilus lovegood's house when he told them the story about the deathly hallows.

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