Monday, 22 November 2010

Untangle Yourself For Rapunzel!

Not a Review.
Known as Rapunzel here in Malaysia.
Which is the original name anyway.
Before Disney decided to change it to Tangled.
Because apparently they wanna appeal to young boys,
Who wouldn't watch a Disney princess movie called Rapunzel.

No matter what it's called,
It's still pretty darn good.
Certainly more memorable than Princess And The Frog,
And harks back to some of Disney's best princess stories.

There's the pretty and feisty princess,
The dashing male lead (voiced by Chuck!)
The cute animal sidekicks (the chameleon is especially fun)
The cackling evil witch/mother,
And the Alan Menken songs!

At first I couldn't get over the fact that she CARRIES her hair around.
Like, isn't it HEAVY?
And doesn't it get DIRTY?
But it's MAGIC hair.
It has a song that heals things,
So there's probably a song to clean her hair,
A song to make it lighter,
And even a song that kills any kutu that moves in.

The male lead sounds too much like Chuck for my liking though.
Or maybe that's cos I just finished a 5-episode Chuck marathon.
But he was pretty decent.
Mandy Moore as Rapunzel was a little generic though.
Why do ALL the Disney princess seem to sound the same?

Oooh, but the songs were not bad.
Reminds me a bit of the old Disney fairytales.
Beauty & The Biskut, Aladdin, Little Mermaid...
It IS composed by Alan Menken after all.
And they were pretty fun as well!

If you like the Disney fairytales of old,
Then you'll probably like this.
It's charming, fun, and quite entertaining too.
The dialogue is fun, the animation is gorgeous,
The music is great, the story is decent (though a bit 'EH?' at times).
Yup, definitely lives up to the Disney princess stories of old.
Better than Princess And the Frog, in fact.

Disney has really found its way back,
Especially since John Lassater took over.
Pixar influence for the win!
First Bolt, then Princess And The Frog,
And now this.
What's next?
Some weird goofjob called Mars Needs Moms.
Oh dear...


FA said...

yeay!! can't wait!

Pt said...


lishun said...

throughout the movie i was like...the songs sound exactly like the ones in little mermaid! okok same guy. explains things. =)

i particularly liked the bits when she acted kinda bipolar. typical 18-year-old.