Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Writing About Write About Love

Sorry about the lack of updates here, I'm on leave preparing for a very very big event (of which I'll blog about later heh heh), and I'm usually too lazy to update the blog when I'm not at work (shhhhh).

Anyway, one of my regrets this year is I had to miss the Belle & Sebastian concert in Singapore in July because one of my friends was getting married on that very same day (she's a big fan of them as well, and was quite upset they scheduled their concert on the same day). I heard it was a great show. Sigh....

The band has a new album out now called Write About Love, and it's one of my personal favorite albums this year. There's just something about the songs in this album that sticks in my head and makes me subconsciously hum or sing the melody, and yet not annoy the heck out of me the way most songs that stick in your head do.

The title track (feat. Carey Mulligan of all people) is just so catchy (especially the chorus that goes "I hate my job, I'm working way too much, everyday I'm stuck in an office"); and so is the opening track I Didn't See It Coming. Calculating Bimbo is a deceptively gentle and tender song with some kickass lyrics, while I'm Not Living in the Real World is just pure joy.

The band also has a duet with Norah Jones on Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John - it's a great song, nice tune and all, but although I like it, somehow it just sounds too Norah Jones-y for me.

Sigh, now I wish I'd gone to see their concert... PLEASE come back, Belle & Sebastian!


FA said...

HAhahahha that job song sounds like it's meant for me.

KY said...

the big event will be awesome! :D