Thursday, 9 December 2010

Dufflepuds! Reepicheep! (And some dodgy green mist)

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of the Dawn Treader
Not a review.
Movie number 3, based on book number 5.
The first Narnia was not bad, but too LOTR-ish.
The second Narnia was so-so only.
This third Narnia is probably better than the other two.
But not by far.

It's got ships! Sea serpents!
Slavers! Dragons! Minotaurs!
Strange stars floating down from the sky!
Dodgy gold statues!
And the greatest enemy of all...
Er... some sort of green mist. WTF.

It's also got that kid from Son of Rambow,
(Which was a damn good movie, go watch it!)
He was suitably annoying as Eustace,
But pretty damn good as well.
The other two kids were so-so only,
Just like how they were in the first two.
Ben Barnes was still not bad though.

But why they don't look as cute here. :-(
And we didn't get to see much of them either.
But at least we got more REEPICHEEP!
Reepicheep rocks.

I thought it stayed pretty true to the book though.
Ok, maybe not ENTIRELY.
The key elements were there,
But they changed how things worked,
And even added a pretty star coming down from the sky.
(Ben Barnes would've felt right at home)
Oh, and all the religious allegories.
Even more so than the first two actually.
Just thought you should know.

But at least the movie was ok.
Not great, but at least it was entertaining.
I hope it's the last one though.
I don't really wanna watch a movie with Eustace as the lead.
(though they DID throw in a reference to Jill Pole in the end)

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