Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Best of 2010: My Favorite Concerts!

Ok, so I didn't go to THAT many concerts this year. I'm still kicking myself for missing Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and unfortunately, The Killers canceled their Singapore date in February because of personal family matters.

Oh, and I couldn't care less about the Katy Perry, Akon, Flo Rida, Paramore and Ne-Yo concerts. Sorry, it's just not my kinda music.

I DID manage go to a few cracking concerts though, though unfortunately, most of them were in Singapore. Really put a dent in my wallet. Sigh. But anyway, here are my top five favorite concerts I went to this year:


1) Green Day (Singapore)

Too much of a hipster to go watch Green Day? Well, your loss, cos you missed an AWESOME concert full of singalongs, WTF moments and a pure masterclass of showmanship from Billy Joe Armstrong.

They played old songs, new songs, and I knew almost all of them (I think this helped me enjoy the show even more). Plus it was worth it just to be able to hear and singalong to Jesus Of Suburbia live.

Heck, I don't think I've ever screamed so much or jumped so much in a concert EVER. In the end, it was just right, and I think everyone in that stadium really did have the time of their lives.

Best moment: The Jesus of Surburbia singalong + the acoustic encore
Worse moment: Douchebag 'fans' who spent most of their time watching the concert through their videocams and blocking the view for the rest of us.


2) The Flaming Lips (Singapore)

This wasn't a concert, it was a full-blown PARTY. Wayne Coyne is a BRILLIANT performer, and even if you didn't know the songs, you would've have STILL been hugely entertained by the show.

Best Moment: HER NAME IS YOSHIMI!!!!!
Worse moment: Fat attention-whoring skank with VPL on stage. The sound system was also pretty lousy.


3) Slash (Sunway Surf Beach)

Too think I almost didn't go for this one. It's SLASH fer gawds sake. And it was worth it just for that Sweet Child O' Mine singalong, and to see the man rip into the riff for that song. THAT'S the real deal, man!

Best moment: The Sweet Child Of Mine and Paradise City singalongs. Who needs Axl, eh?
Worse moment: Crowd control was AWFUL. The areas were overcrowded to the MAX, and I actually spent most of the time helping keep the steel barriers from falling over and hurting someone.


4) Florence & The Machine + The XX (Singapore)

I LOVE Florence and The Machine. Her songs have those LOUD, POUNDING drumbeats that just gets me pumped up every time I hear them. Listening to songs like Drumming, Hurricane Crush and Howl live was just awesome. Also helps that Florence Welch is also a livewire on stage - she can't seem to keep still at all!

In contrast, The XX were a little er... boring. Sure, their music is awesome live, but after the initial thrill, you realise that they are just standing there recreating all the songs in their ONE album word for word, note for note. Still, they're a young and new band - they can only get better. I hope.

Best moment: Not exactly a concert moment, but I got to interview her before the show! She's so cute and quirky!
Worse moment: Not exactly a 'worse moment' either, but The XX performance was a little monotonous. Close your eyes and you might as well be listening to the album.


5) Placebo (KL Live)

This wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty damn fun to be at. The initial triple whammy of For What It's Worth, Ashtray Hearts and Battle For The Sun was great, and it was fun when they played older hits like Every You Every Me and Special K because the crowd really came alive during those songs.

Oh, and I also interviewed both Brian and Stefan before the concert. Which was just AWESOME.

Best Moment: Jumping up and down during the CINECERO CENICERO chorus of Ashtray Hearts.
Worse Moment: The mid-section of the concert, where they mostly played their newer stuff, and the crowd wasn't too responsive.


Honorable Mentions:
  • Kings of Convenience (Bentley Music Audiotorium)
  • Video Games Live (KL Convention Center)

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