Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dodging Telemarketers

Telemarketer: (in Mandarin) NI HAO! My name is So An Soh from Astro!

Me: (lazy to think in Chinese) Er... can you speak English please?

Telemarketer: (in English) Yes! So, mister, today I got offer Astro Hong Kong On Demand package for you...

Me: Er... no thanks.

Telemarketer: Don't want? Why?

Me: Why do you think I asked you to speak in English in the first place?

Telemarketer: ...... Oh.... sorry. *click*


quaintly said...

at least telemarketer quite quick to get it... i would have expected a "hah??" (cos that's what i would have said if i were a telemarketer haha)

Jasonmumbles said...

Haha! Good one.

And he got it real fast too.

Jon Chu said...

Aiyor, Telemarketers I tell you. XD

rita said...

so you're the kind of guy that being rude and sacarstic to service people...i wonder how do you treat waiters.

you must have think highly of youself.

eyeris said...

Actually I was being very nice to the poor guy. Just didn't want to waste his precious time mar.

Besides, you think THAT was rude and sarcastic? You should see me when I am REALLY being sarcastic. :D

Zagary said...