Monday, 13 December 2010

Flaming Lips Vs. The Attention Whoring Fat Skank

In all the excitement leading up to the wedding, I actually forgot to blog about the awesome Flaming Lips concert in Singapore last month. It was actually one of the best concerts I've been to this year (second only to the kickass Green Day one in January).

Heck, to quote one of the reviews online (I forget which one), it wasn't a concert, it was a PARTY!

But first, the opening act - The Raveonettes:

I actually quite liked the Raveonettes' act, even though there wasn't much interaction between them and the crowd. Their music was pretty good, but it was spoiled by the godawful sound system in the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

They played for a whole hour, I think, which is actually almost a full set already. Then, it was time for the main event....

The mood was crazy from the start, when the band members came out from an opening in the middle of the backdrop. But it got MAD when Wayne Coyne got into his space bubble and walked out into the audience!

Here's a video I took while he was er... rolling over us!

(Sorry about my hand blocking Coyne's face. I had to support the balloon or the poor fella would've fallen down on the floor... LOL)

After that, the confetti and giant balloons started to rain down and the party got started!

BTW, see those girls at the side of the stage in the picture above? Well, they were supposed to be partying and making the atmosphere more happening. But there was this one girl... actually more like a attention-whoring skank, who stayed in front of the group, fiddling on her phone ALL NIGHT LONG, showing off to her friends in the crowd, and essentially spoiling the show for the rest of us. All night, I wanted to yell GET OFF THE FUCKING STAGE YOU FAT SKANK!

*breath in, breath out*

Anyway, that Coyne can really put on a show, I'll give you that. The guy was UNSTOPPABLE all night, from the space bubble, to riding piggyback on a bear...

And gurning to the camera parked right in front of his mic...

And my favorite of all... The giant laser hands!

The music? What music? Ok fine, the music was great as well. They sang most of their hits, from She Don't Use Jelly, Do You Realize, The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song... and even a couple from the Soft Bulletin album. Not bad...

Oh, and that Yoshimi Vs. The Pink Robots singalong ranks as one of THE best singalongs I've ever er.. sang along to.

But ultimately, the music seemed secondary to the performance itself. Never mind the music, this was a concert that had to be SEEN rather than heard.

Now, all together now.. HER NAME IS YOSHIMI!!!!

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