Wednesday, 15 December 2010

This Is NOT the End Of Line For TRON's Legacy

TRON: Legacy
Not A Review.
In case you never saw the original,
Here's what it looked like:

Damn primitive, right?
Well don't mock it ok,
TRON was the first to use CG special effects,
Heck, without them we wouldn't have Pixar.
Oh, and this is what the light cycles looked like in TRON:

And this is how they look in TRON: Legacy:

Damn awesome right?
The visual effects on this one are AWESOME.
The light cycle battle, the disc wars,
The Recognizers,
Even the 'ice cubes' were ice PIXELS.
How awesome is THAT?
Yup, this is one heck of a visual feast.
Too bad about the story though....

And he is now... er... some kind of Zen Dude.
Like The Dude, but more Zen.
Also damn power ok,
He's Obi-Flynn Kenobi!
(His son's pretty boring though)

Too bad the story's pretty rubbish though.
Then again, so was Avatar's.
And wasn't the original's pretty much like that as well?
Oh, and that whole Michael Sheen part was pretty pointless eh?
The main attraction here is the visual effects.
We saw it on IMAX 3D and it was AWESOME.
So were the sound and music.

Oh, and the Daft Punk soundtrack ROCKS.
I STILL can't get the bloody theme out of my head.
And I still think that bloody End Of Line Club scene,
Was there specifically so Daft Punk could have a cameo.
As mp3 DJs WTF.

Oooh Olivia Wilde.
She's hot.
Even hotter than she was as Number 13.
Her eyes damn big ok?
And she's damn cute.
You'll love her from the very first time you hear her laugh.
She's just a cute little pixie pixel!
Ok, a HOT cute little pixie pixel!

If you loved the first one, you'll love this one.
It's almost like the first one, but with MUCH better SFX.
But I don't get the added stuff about the ISOs.
It's like George's Midichlorian shit.
But I'd watch it again just for the light-cycles.
And Olivia Wilde of course.
Let's hope this is NOT the end of TRON's line.


KY said...

got visual, got hot chick, ok!

Kimberly Low said...

i kept thinking olivia wilde was natalie portman from the posters. FML

eyeris said...

KY: If that's all you need, then it's a five star movie for you! haha.

Kim: You've been too distracted by Natalie Portman ass in that other trailer...

lanatir said...

no recognizer stomps and no tank action. not enough light cycle and disc battles as well.

camlok said...

I think it's another movie that sell toys. They introduce 1 toy, show it on screen for 5 minutes (or less), then they show you another toy.

Having said that, the visuals are stunning.