Thursday, 6 January 2011

Coffee? WHAT Coffee?

So.... apparently Starbucks is so ashamed of their 'coffee' that they've even dropped the word 'coffee' from their logo. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

(image from Reuters)

Starbucks cuts name and "coffee" from logo

Apparently they want to branch out into non-coffee business as well. Which is fine by me, since as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't even be marketing their coffee-flavored sugar water drinks as 'coffee' in the first place. MUAHAHAHA. But this begs the question... judging from their logo, what are they selling now? chopped mermaid sushi?

Oh, and is it just me, or does the focus on the mermaid/Siren picture just accentuate the fact that she has LOBSTER CLAWS instead of hands?

Also, I loved one of the comments on this AdFreak article: "I won't be happy until her nipples are once more liberated. Free the nipples!"

BAH, Starbucks Schtarmucks. San Francisco Coffee for the win! It's awesome, and it's also Malaysian! (despite the name and despite not having white coffee or Pak Belalang on the menu)


eiling lim said...

exactly. starbucks is not = coffee!

cheesie said...

mermaid hair wtf!!!!!!!!

KY said...

well since green tea frap is their best drink anyway..