Friday, 14 January 2011

The Eyeris Shoe Post!

WARNING: The following post is shockingly pointless. Please do not read it while eating your lunch.

First, Audrey did it. Then it was Cheesie.

So... I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do The Shoe Post Meme as well! (what d'ya mean it wasn't a meme?)

First up, the prerequisite picture of my shoe cabinet!

Yeah, most of my shoes can't really fit into the shoe cabinet, because it's full of mostly LL's shoes. Sigh. Oh well. On to my shoes then!

First up, my running shoes! I have a very fond history with running shoes. I used to be very very active in sports, and used to wear out my shoes REALLY REALLY fast, so I know something about buying sports/running shoes.

And needless to say, THIS particular pair wasnt a very good choice:

Everlast konon. Barely lasted me two months. Lucky it was only RM50 at a warehouse sale...

BTW, I hope you weren't eating your lunch when you looked at that pair of very dirty shoes. I went paintballing with it er.. 2 years ago and never washed it since hehe.

Anyway, after that particular pair started coming apart (literally), I went and bought myself a REAL pair of running shoes. A brand new pair of ASICS shoes!

As far as sports shoes are concerned, I ONLY buy ASICS shoes (this is not an ad). From personal experience, they last longer under wear and tear (compared to Nikes, which only LOOK good but are pretty crap when you use it for heavy duty athletics training day in and day out).

That extends to my badminton shoes as well!

Yup, ASICS also! These shoes can typically last me about a a year and a half, which is 150% longer than the Dragonfly Made In China badminton shoes I used to wear at school Y'know, the ones with green soles)

Can you tell the difference between running shoes and badminton shoes?

Anyway, on to my normal everyday-use shoes.

I bought this pair of Hush Puppies on sale for about RM80 last year, and they're REALLY REALLY comfy.

Best part is, I can wear them EVERYWHERE. To the office, to dinners, to parties, and even when I'm traveling. I can wear these shoes ALL DAY, and they even match my clothes! (which is mostly T-shirts and jeans anyway. Color matching? Huh?)

If I feel slightly more formal, I can always wear this pair of Timberland shoes:

You know how hard it is to find a nice pair of formal shoes you REALLY like? I almost NEVER get a pair I like, because I either hate the sole, or hate the design, or if the design is great, the color will be all wrong or they'll have ONE UGLY STRIP of stupid patterns that spoil the entire shoe.

Not this pair. Why? Well, I designed it myself! Timberland has this Design your Own Shoe booth in the Pavilion store, and I was asked to try it out last year. You could choose what sole, what color, what style, even what kind of laces you want the shoe to have.

My criteria was simple - everything black, with a LITTLE BIT of color around the sole. That's it. Perfect shoe! Can go with any T-shirt & jeans combo!

Don't play play, it even says 'Designed by MC' inside the shoe, ok!

I love that pair of shoes. I even wore it during my WEDDING, fer gods sake. Heck, I'm even considering making another par EXACTLY like it so I don't have to go through the hassle of looking for a new pair when this one gets worn out...

But all the shoes above pale in comparison with my FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES EVER. It's the pair I wear the most, to everywhere and anywhere, it's long-lasting, durable, and it wasn't THAT expensive in the first place.


Look at the sleek elegance of the shoes! Look at the aerodynamics of its design! Look at how comfortable they are! ?And don't get me started on the wonderfully circulation of air your feet get when you wear them!

This particular pair of Tevas has lasted me two years, gone jungle trekking (in FRIM), shopping malls, around the world and back again, and can be worn on virtually occasion as long as your skin is thick enough!

If that doesn't make a great pair of shoes, I don't know WHAT will! Eh? What? those are sandals, not shoes? Ah phooey.


suanie said...

my Tevas cut into my skin :(

KY said...

i have tevas & asics too!

Cheryl Poo said...

Reading this while eating my lunch. You're right, I shouldn't.

lishun said...

spent SGD70 on a pair of tevas. i've worn them up 2 mountain treks and they've travelled with me through indonesia, but i still wish i spent that 70bucks on some birks instead.

eyeris said...

Tsk tsk, girls. haha.

~JL said...

High five from a fellow Asics fan! I've had mine for 6 years now and they are still in working condition!