Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jimmy Eat World! The National! WHEE!!!

It's only the first week of 2011, and already it's looking great, concert-wise. The first half of the year is looking pretty good, with some of my FAVORITE bands coming to the region.

As usual though, Singapore is getting the bulk of the concerts. BAH! In February alone, they'll have Deftones (16/2), Iron Maiden (15/2) - which should please a lot of metalheads out there - and Faithless (22/2)

March is gonna be awesome though. Over here, we'll be getting MGMT at KL Live (15/3)! YAY! And over in Singapore, Slash & Stone Temple Pilots will be playing at Big Night Out (11 & 12 March).... but the big draw (for me at least) will be the Mosaic Music Festival (11-20/3).

I'm saving MY money for The National (eh wait, I already BOUGHT the ticket MUAHAHAHA), but there's gonna be a few more artistes that are worth the tickets as well - Jamie Lidell, Joanna Newsom, 65DaysOfStatic... and Malaysia's very own Mia Palencia as well! Woot!

I'm glad I didn't spend anymore on other shows though, because apparently, 1 April will see emo pioneers Jimmy Eat World hit Singapore.

JIMMY EAT WORLD! YEAY! I'm DEFINITELY going for this one... heck, they're my FAVORITE BAND bar none. NO WAY I'm gonna be missing THIS concert WOOT! No ticket details yet though, but rest assured, I'll be buying this AS SOON as it is available! YEAH!

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lishun said...

eh must inform the moment tickets go on sale for jimmy eat world. will positively die if i don't at least attempt to go. hehe.