Monday, 31 January 2011

OMGODIVA! Gimme More Chocolates!!!

What's better than chocolate?
Godiva chocolate of course,
Yes, that brand of chocolate that I can never afford.
But is so goddamn awesome.
Mmmm, chocolate.
Yummy yummy chocolate.

Anyway, last week I got an invite to the Godiva Cafe in Pavilion to try out their new menu, which as far as I could tell, consists of some new cakes. Hey don't blame me, I was too busy chomping down chocolates to notice. heh heh.

Yeah, they were giving out chocolates throughout the entire event, and I don't think I've eaten so much chocolate in a VERY LONG TIME.

Funny thing is, I'm actually not THAT keen on chocolates (I'm not a fan of really sweet stuff in the first place), but when it came to THESE chocs, I jsut could not stop eating them, especially the dark chocolates....

I'm a real sucker for dark chocolate especially, and the ones they were giving out were AWESOME. Just leave it in your mouth, and as the outer layer of dark chocolate melts, the gooey center of liquid dark chocolate oozes out.... ish, now I want more!

They've got some Valentines Day stuff out as well:

Including one that comes with a bottle of Moet champagne!

Anyway, during the event, we were given aprons and divided into groups to decorate the plates of cake to win prizes. (Actually, we didn't have to decorate the cakes, just the plates. Heh heh).

Anyway, Kimberlycun was there in her new super-cute short hair cut!

Mama Shaolintiger was also there, and she was on my group! Here she is busy decorating one of our group's ca.. er plates.

Anyway, what happened was she and the other female reporter from a Malay daily did the decorating, while I stood around and took pictures (You DO NOT want me near any cake decorating activities, trust me).

Ok, I did A BIT of work, basically arranging the final presentation into this er... mess:

Funny thing is, Mama Shaolintiger later said that she did not know this was a competition, or she would have tried harder. But what she did was already great!

Sad to say, we didn't win the top prizes, but we still got a nice little bag of chocolates (which I finished off the next day in one sitting), AND we got to eat the cakes! My favorite was the Dark Chocolate Cake, which was SO RICH AND SO AWESOMELY CHOCOLATELY.

Actually, all the FIVE types of cakes they let us try were so rich and chocolately that we really could not finish them all, even between the three of us. Serves me right for stuffing my gob with so much chocolates before that I guess...

Anyway, I'd put up pictures, but by the time I thought of taking pictures we'd already tore into most of them, leaving a rather un-picturesque mess on the plates. Oops.

But here's a picture of the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, just for kicks.

And here's a picture of the tiramisu (which sadly we did not get to try. :-( )

Suffice to say, I was on a sugar-high (and caffeine-high) for almost the entire day, which was a good high to be in. And thanks to the little bags they gave us on the way out, I got to be on ANOTHER chocolate high the next day... Oh dear. Now I have a craving for more chocolates. GAH!


KY said...

damn it, day job got in the way!

Myhorng said...

it looks fun