Friday, 21 January 2011

Someone Get Seth Rogen to STFU Please.

The Green Hornet.
Not a review.
Ok first things first:
The movie was not as bad as I thought it would be.
In fact it was quite entertaining.
But Seth Rogen pretty much spoiled it for me.

Damn that Seth Rogen is annoying.
Is it just me, or is he like damn NOT funny?
He's just bloody annoying here.
Annoying and mean-spirited.
That's supposed to be FUNNY?

He's gotta be the most unlikable SUPERHERO EVER.
Then again he ain't really a superhero.
Not like he got any powers anyway.
Kato's always the one who does the dirty work anyway.
Heck, everyone remembers Bruce Lee.
But who actually remembers the actor who played The Green Hornet?

Thank god for Jay Chou though.
(Damn, I never though I'd be saying that).
He may not say much,
And his pronunciation is a little suspect,
But at least he kicks-ass.
And he's got some cool facial expressions too.
He practically saved the movie all by himself.
Him and the car, of course.

Oooh, the CAR.
That is one awesome car.
Damn now I want machine guns on my car.
Hey wait, didn't I want that last time after Death Race?
Hmmm, machine guns. On my car.
But who am I gonna shoot?

Yeah, I guess it's worth watching in cinema.
As long as you can stand Rogen's schtick.
Me, I wanted him to shut up about 10 minutes into the movie.
Everytime he opened his mouth I wanted to slap him.
Someone give Kato a spinoff, pronto!
(And make sure he keeps the damn car!)


KY said...

and what about cam diazzzz?

eyeris said...

If I had nothing to say about her, means she didn't make much of an impression. Might as well be just another randon actress, to be honest...