Monday, 17 January 2011

Spider-man, Spider-man, Does Whatever Sam Raimi Can't

So, the first image for the upcoming NEW Spider-man movie/reboot is out, featuring Andrew Garfield in the lead role:

Why so serious. Spidey? Judging from this still, it looks like Spidey is gonna go all dark and moody on us, which would be the complete opposite of Sam Raimi's sunnier and more pastel-colored movies.

Would that be a good thing for Spidey though? Going darker and real-world-esque worked for Batman because Ol' Batty worked mostly at night, wore black all the time, and used FEAR to combat crime.

With Spidey, you have a hero who wears bright-red colors, tight spandex (with a 'package' holder), and in the comics, was always ready with a wisecrack even when he was going up against super-villains. I'm not sure how 'real' and 'dark' a hero like that can get.

Still, I'm looking forward to this reboot. I loved Raimi's movies, but it always felt a little too frivolous to me (yes I'm aware that it's a superhero comic character after all); and that feeling grew too much to bear in the third movie (PLEASE don't dance in the new movie, Andrew). Hopefully this movie can make Spidey fun but not as frivolous, serious but not TOO moody. Is that too much to ask for?


KY said...

but it's in 3D! everything's awesome in 3D!

eyeris said...

not if it's crappy post-conversion 3D like Clash of The Titans..

jokeserv said...

anyway... i read on the internet they're saying in this spidey flick he's gonna build his own web slinging gizmo.. just like in the comics.