Thursday, 17 February 2011

Borders on The Borderline

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I suppose:


Now, before you start picketing outside The Curve and Times Square demanding that the stores stay open, bear in mind that this is probably only in the US. Not sure how it would affect its international stores, but considering the franchise is owned by another company here, I think the shops should still be opened here.

Doesn't make much of a difference to me though, I hardly go to Borders. In fact, have you SEEN the Borders in Times Square lately? They seemed to have misplaced it. No, really, I literally could not find the store the last time I went.

Apparently, after all that hoo-haa about being the BIGGEST BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD 6 years ago, they've finally ripped it all out and relocated to a tiny little place on the lower ground floor of the complex. I guess they finally that the clientele at that termite warren of a shopping mall just ain't the reading sort, eh?

The one in The Curve seems to be going strong though (not sure about the Gardens one - it always seems so empty whenever I go there).

But yeah, I'm not exactly mourning the demise of Borders. Besides, I still prefer Kinokuniya anyway. The selection is still way better, everything is nicely arranged, and current, and they have a kickass comics/graphic novel section that no other bookstore can match. I've even come to prefer the Kinokuniya in Singapore over the Borders there (which seems to have lost its charm somehow).

The other bookstore I frequent more these days is Bookxcess, of course. New books at cheap prices? AWESOME. Plus they are only about 4-5 months behind the usual bookstores anyway. Considering how few books I've been reading lately (something I REALLY need to rectify this year), I would rather not pay a full RM100 for a hardcover when I can just wait a while longer for it to hit Bookxcess instead. Plus their Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sales are just AWESOME.

It WOULD be nice to have a lot more bookstores around, of course, and the demise of Borders IS quite sad. It WOULD be sad if they closed down the Malaysian stores as well. But seriously though, I DO wish they would buck up on they selection of titles, and/or layout, because as far as I'm concerned, even after six years and several new stores later, Borders here still has room for A LOT of improvement.

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Han said...

Kinokuniya's the place to be, man. Always find myself immersed in that bookstore for hours whenever I visit there.