Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ahoy! It's a 25 Year Old *Hic*

Mmmmm.... it's not everyday you get to try a 25 Year Old whisky that costs RM2800...

Behold, the Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old:

I got to try this at a Bunnahabhain whisky pairing dinner at Hilton KL's Senses restaurant, and boy was it good.

For an Islay whisky, it was probably one of the gentlest and mild I've ever tried (and I've tried A LOT of Islay whiskies), and also the least peaty of them all. In fact, it reminded me more of a Speyside whisky more than an Islay one.

The nose was fruity and floral, none of that strong medicinal smell you get in a Laphroig or an Ardbeg, and and it tasted brilliantly smooth, with a nice long nutty, fruity finish. AWESOME.

We also got to try the other whiskies in the Bunnahabhain range - the 12YO, 16YO and the 18YO - but this was DEFINITELY the highlight of the night.


Monday, 28 March 2011


So... MGMT was here last week.
We went, we saw, and I complained like hell.
My memory of the thing is a bit hazy (yeah it was THAT memorable), so I'm gonna write this with a little help from my tweets from that night...

  • MGMT is hipster central.
  • You may think you look hensem gila, but wearing sunglasses in a dark concert arena only makes you look bodoh gila.
  • I'm getting too old for this shit.
  • Really hope they play Kids early so all the kids leave early. Haha.
I actually felt like an old hippie amongst all the hipster kids walking around the area. Sigh....

  • No way they'll start soon. Half the crowd still outside the ONLY entrance, waiting to be body checked to get in. Stupid stupid stupid.
I got there at about 8pm because I was afraid there'd be no parking. Turns out I shouldn't have worried. Managed to find a nice parking spot at the Securities Commission and walked down to join the crowd waiting outside. After 1 hour of waiting for the line to go shorter (to no avail), we decided to join in, managing to get in just in time for...

  • Finally got in in time for opening act Kyoto Protocol!
  • Kyoto Protocol are pretty damn good!
  • Good stuff, @FuadKyoto! I await the release of your record! Hehe
This was the first time I've heard them, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Kyoto Protocol's music. Their tunes managed to catch my ear on the first listen, and one song (not sure which one) was a great mix of blues rock and indie rock, which somehow worked really well. I'm definitely checking out their LP when it comes out!

Then, it was time for the main event!

  • Finally! MGMT is coming on!!!!
  • Flash Delirium!!!
  • Oh dear. The sound isn't very good, is it? #MGMT
The band kicked off with Flash Delirium, probably my favorite from the Congratulations album, and the first single off it. Unfortunately, the crowd didn't seem to respond to the song very well, which only proved that most of the crowd were only there to hear three songs, two of which were...

  • Electric Feel! Probably one of only three songs most people know here judging from the reaction to the previous Congratulations songs haha
  • No need to pretend anymore, it's Time To Pretend!
  • Songs from Congratulations not getting much love from the crowd at #MGMTKL...
Like I said, most of the crowd only came alive during the three biggest songs of the night (as well as some of the Oracular Spectacular album) and they didn't show much response when the band played the songs from the Congratulations album. This was probably because that album is a lot more abstract and psychedelic than Oracular Spectacular.

Which brings me to my BIGGEST peeve of the night....


  • Definitely need beer for this sort of concert lar.
  • I want beeeer. Going for a psychedelic indie rock concert without booze just doesn't seem right somehow...
NO BOOZE. NO BEER, NOT A SINGLE DROP OF ALCOHOL. If there was any concert that NEEDED some alcohol to get the crowd going, it was this one. COME ONE, how the hell are people supposed to enjoy 12-minute, trippy, psychedelic rock song like Siberian Breaks WITHOUT being at least a LITTLE high?

Speaking of which...

  • Ok, i really hope they don't spend 15 minutes playing the entire Siberian Breaks later...
  • Oh man, they ARE playing Siberian Breaks now. Now THIS is a song you DEFINITELY need booze to enjoy properly...
Yeah. They played Siberian Breaks. That super-long, super-trippy, song from Congratulations. It's a damn fine song on its own, but listening to it live in a concert, without a single drop of booze, was just a little too much to take.

Thank god then, for....


  • I think they need to play Kids after this to wake everyone up....
  • What did I tell ya??!!?? KIDS NOW!!!!!!
As soon as they finished Siberian Breaks, they went straight into Kids. And predictably, everyone got up (yeah we were all sitting down hahaha) and jumped around a lot. Hey, it's Kids. Something about that synth riff just makes you wanna jump around like a kid. heh heh.

And after that song, it was winding down time...

  • Winding down with Congratulations now. People started leaving right after Kids...
  • Last song oledi?? why no Brian Eno??!!??
Yup, the last song was Congratulations. I don't know what else they played for the encore, because I left right after Kids. Yeah, I ain't a Kid anymore. I was way too tired already hahaha.

And to sum it all up:

  • MGMT was slightly disappointing. Note to self, get a little drunk first, next time.
So, one concert down. I'm hoping Jimmy Eat World will be MUCH better later this week! WHEE!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Can I Punch Zack Snyder For Making Me Feel Like a Sucker?

Sucker Punch.
Not a Review.
Boy, did I feel like a sucker after this movie.
And I also wanted to punch someone.
Preferably Zack Snyder.

Ok, first the good stuff.
Giant Samurai Warriors with Gatling Guns!

Oooh boy, the Babes.
Collective Cleavage Rating = Off the Charts.
Collective Babe Rating = AWESOME.
My favorite is probably Jamie Chung's Amber
Even though she was a little annoying.
But at least she was hot.
Hey, Asians rule, ok?

But the babes aside.... Er.......
Remember The Spirit?
That movie with all those hot babes,
But which turned out to be a really crappy imitation of Sin City?
This is something like that.
The effects are impressive.
But the story is bodoh gile.

Something about these girls stuck in an asylum.
Then this one girl starts to fantasise,
(No not THOSE kind of fantasies. I wish)
First she fantasies about being a dancer.
Then in THAT fantasy, she fantasies some more,
About being a kickass warrior with a samurai sword and guns.
It's like Inception with more hot babes,
But with fantasies that don't make sense whatsoever.

Wahlau Zack,
After 300, then Watchmen,
You come up with THIS?
How to trust you with Superman lar!
I know you aren't exactly the best writer in the business,
But really, this was just silly.
Stick to stuff that other people write, thank you very much.
And stop making us all feel like suckers!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hairy Bieber Dildo

Is it just me, or does this look like a really hairy dildo?

Yeah, that's the billboard next to the exit of the SMART tunnel. Imagine coming out of a tunnel just to see... THAT.

and wow, even my iPhone hates that girl-boy so much that it conveniently blocked out three letters of his name. Heh.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Er... Merry Kilkenny!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Yeah yeah, so we're not Irish and don't know half of what it means to be Irish... but hey, we ARE Malaysians, and if there's anything we're good at, it's stealing other people's holidays and passing it off as a great excuse to drink lots of beers. LOL.

Though I don't get why it's only Guinness that is hogging the spotlight. Kilkenny is Irish too! Give the ale some love too, godammit!

So yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

There Better Be Char Siew At This Party...

Spotted on the menu of a restaurant in Mid Valley:

For RM9.90, you can have a PORK PARTY, with PORK ALL ROUND AND SALTED FISH AND... oh wait.

Eh Pork Gang, When are we having a Pork Party? I mean, a REAL PORK PARTY?

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Big One And The Big Beers

Lots of beer. Paired with lots of food. How to say no lar?

I got to try out the new menu at Brussels Beer Cafe at their new outlet in Solaris Mont Kiara in two separate sessions recently (one for the column, one as a blogger. AWESOME LOL), AND got to pair the food with their range of imported beers as well. AWESOME.

Ok, there was a lot of food there, but this ain't a food blog, so if you wanna know more about it then you should go read KY's blog instead.

There WAS one awesomely HUGE sausage that is worth mentioning though. Behold.. THE BIG ONE:

How big is the Big One? Well, in length, it's about the size of Kimberlycun's forearm (minus the middle finger):

In terms of diameter, well, see for yourself in this comparison with a 20 sen coin:

Frankly speaking, it's a bit too er... meaty for me though, and I DEFINITELY won't be able to finish it on my own. And the beer that came with it definitely helped to wash it down, because my jaw got a little tired from chewing it after a while. Heh.

But never mind the food. I was there mostly for the beers. We tried a couple of beers that Brussels had on tap that day, including Konig Ludwing, Hoegaarden, Franziskaner, Warsteiner, Leffe, Stella Artois...

My favorite of the lot is definitely Konig Ludwig. In fact, these days I would not take another wheat beer if there is Konig Ludwig available. It's THAT good. It's refreshing Bavarian wheat beer that is full of flavor, full-bodied and even slightly sweet and easier to drink than say, Paulaner.

Brussels tried pairing the beers with the food, and while some didn't really work, some were quite good, including the Warsteiner lager paired with the pork knuckle:

And also the Hoegaarden with the er.. Mussels cooked in Hoegaarden.

Speaking of Hoegaarden, during the blogger session, we got to drink beer from the GIGANTIC five liter Hoegaarden glass...

Yup, using STRAWS. Which was quite sad. Using straws to drink beer just isn't the same as gulping it down properly, because you can't smell the aroma of the beer properly, and all the amount you suck up from the straw just isn't enough to let you properly taste the damn beer.

But watudu. After all, the glass WAS bigger than the head of a Fireangel:

That tiny glass in front of FA is the cute little Hoegaarden miniature glass they gave each of us as a doorgift.

Just to illustrate further how awesomely BIG the glass is (and how cute the tiny one is), here's another picture featuring Shaolintiger and LL:

During my first session, we got to try a new beer they had in stock from Erdinger - the Erdinger Schneeweisse Winterbier - which is a seasonal wheat beer that is apparently only brewed between November and February.

How does it taste like? Frankly speaking, it's a bit too light for me. It IS slightly better than those shite lite beers from America, but for a German wheat beer, it's just not full-bodied or flavorful enough for my liking.

After that, the big boss of Brussels decided to have some fun and treat us to some less er... conventional drinks. Like this shooter that consists of Midori, Amarula cream liqueur, and something else I don't remember (it might be Jager or codka, I'm not sure):

Then, in response to a shocking revelation from someone who said she had not tried Jagermeister before, he merrily ordered a line of 'Submarine' drinks:

... which was basically just a glass of Carlsberg with a shotglass of Jagermeister chucked into it and downed in one gulp. Urgh. I won't be drinking THAT anytime soon...

All in all, the food at Brussels is pretty good (though a bit pricey for my liking). But the BEER is a different matter. They've got so many different types of beers it'll take a few more visits to try them all (or one VERY LONG visit, heh heh). Who wanna join? :D

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Free Music and Cheap Books In Xcess!

Today is Music Freedom Day! And in conjunction with the celebration, Bookxcess is having a Music Appreciation Night tomorrow (Firday) and Saturday, night in conjunction with ongoing their Music Freedom Day promotion:

This event is organized to appreciate some free performances by Malaysian musicians including Azmyl Yunor,

Here are the details:

Date: 4th-5th March 2011 Time: 8pm-9pm
Venue: Bookxcess, 3rd Floor, Amcorp Mall
Admission is free!

RSVP At the Facebook event page, and non-members will get a FREE BookXcess membership and one FREE book thong when they attend the event.

Even if you don't show up for the shows, at least go check out the promotion, which has the AWESOME Rolling Stone Cover-To-Cover box set going for 30% discount from its alrady discounted and cheap price:

Usual price is RM99.90, but for the promo, it's gonna be about RM63 only! Dammit, I should have waited....


Oh, and at the same time, they're also having a promo for International Women's Day, with discounts for selected women-themed books:

And no, guys, I don't think back-issues of FHM or Maxim count...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Eyeris Quarter Impression Rule

How I Met Your Mother is awesome. No let me rephrase that - Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother is awesome. Unfortunately, you know when you've watched WAY too much How I Met Your Mother when you actually start talking like Barney Stinson and coming up with half-baked theories about men and women, AND give those theories NAMES.

This actually happened last night, when Fireangel and I were out having way too much Kronenbourg 1664 beer and tok-kok-ing about how guys check out girls and I came up with The Eyeris Quarter Impression Rule of Courtship.

You know how people say that the first impression is the one that counts? I say nay. For guys, it's actually way before that. Before you even hit the First Impression part of the courtship, guys tend to go through two other phases first:

Quarter Impression:
Check her out from the neck down. This is to er... make sure that she is actually a she.

Once it has been established that she is actually a she (and has a body that you wouldn't mind being... ahem, close to), comes the:

Half Impression:
Check her out from the neck up. This is to see if she's good looking enough and worth mustering the courage to go talk to her and face potential rejection.

Once the Quarter and Half impressions have been made (and is positive), THEN comes the:

First Impression:
Actually talking to her and getting to know her.

Ok fine, it's a little sad and maybe a little (ok, VERY) shallow, but if you think about it, this really is true (Admit it, guys!). And besides, it's a half-baked theory cooked up when I was high on beer. So yeah, it might be a little flawed (heh heh).

But hey, that goes to show that with a little (ok, A LOT OF) beer and some good tok-kok-ing company around, ANYONE can be Barney Stinson (ok no, Barney Stinson is awesome and no one can be him. EVER.)