Thursday, 24 March 2011

Can I Punch Zack Snyder For Making Me Feel Like a Sucker?

Sucker Punch.
Not a Review.
Boy, did I feel like a sucker after this movie.
And I also wanted to punch someone.
Preferably Zack Snyder.

Ok, first the good stuff.
Giant Samurai Warriors with Gatling Guns!

Oooh boy, the Babes.
Collective Cleavage Rating = Off the Charts.
Collective Babe Rating = AWESOME.
My favorite is probably Jamie Chung's Amber
Even though she was a little annoying.
But at least she was hot.
Hey, Asians rule, ok?

But the babes aside.... Er.......
Remember The Spirit?
That movie with all those hot babes,
But which turned out to be a really crappy imitation of Sin City?
This is something like that.
The effects are impressive.
But the story is bodoh gile.

Something about these girls stuck in an asylum.
Then this one girl starts to fantasise,
(No not THOSE kind of fantasies. I wish)
First she fantasies about being a dancer.
Then in THAT fantasy, she fantasies some more,
About being a kickass warrior with a samurai sword and guns.
It's like Inception with more hot babes,
But with fantasies that don't make sense whatsoever.

Wahlau Zack,
After 300, then Watchmen,
You come up with THIS?
How to trust you with Superman lar!
I know you aren't exactly the best writer in the business,
But really, this was just silly.
Stick to stuff that other people write, thank you very much.
And stop making us all feel like suckers!

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