Monday, 28 March 2011


So... MGMT was here last week.
We went, we saw, and I complained like hell.
My memory of the thing is a bit hazy (yeah it was THAT memorable), so I'm gonna write this with a little help from my tweets from that night...

  • MGMT is hipster central.
  • You may think you look hensem gila, but wearing sunglasses in a dark concert arena only makes you look bodoh gila.
  • I'm getting too old for this shit.
  • Really hope they play Kids early so all the kids leave early. Haha.
I actually felt like an old hippie amongst all the hipster kids walking around the area. Sigh....

  • No way they'll start soon. Half the crowd still outside the ONLY entrance, waiting to be body checked to get in. Stupid stupid stupid.
I got there at about 8pm because I was afraid there'd be no parking. Turns out I shouldn't have worried. Managed to find a nice parking spot at the Securities Commission and walked down to join the crowd waiting outside. After 1 hour of waiting for the line to go shorter (to no avail), we decided to join in, managing to get in just in time for...

  • Finally got in in time for opening act Kyoto Protocol!
  • Kyoto Protocol are pretty damn good!
  • Good stuff, @FuadKyoto! I await the release of your record! Hehe
This was the first time I've heard them, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Kyoto Protocol's music. Their tunes managed to catch my ear on the first listen, and one song (not sure which one) was a great mix of blues rock and indie rock, which somehow worked really well. I'm definitely checking out their LP when it comes out!

Then, it was time for the main event!

  • Finally! MGMT is coming on!!!!
  • Flash Delirium!!!
  • Oh dear. The sound isn't very good, is it? #MGMT
The band kicked off with Flash Delirium, probably my favorite from the Congratulations album, and the first single off it. Unfortunately, the crowd didn't seem to respond to the song very well, which only proved that most of the crowd were only there to hear three songs, two of which were...

  • Electric Feel! Probably one of only three songs most people know here judging from the reaction to the previous Congratulations songs haha
  • No need to pretend anymore, it's Time To Pretend!
  • Songs from Congratulations not getting much love from the crowd at #MGMTKL...
Like I said, most of the crowd only came alive during the three biggest songs of the night (as well as some of the Oracular Spectacular album) and they didn't show much response when the band played the songs from the Congratulations album. This was probably because that album is a lot more abstract and psychedelic than Oracular Spectacular.

Which brings me to my BIGGEST peeve of the night....


  • Definitely need beer for this sort of concert lar.
  • I want beeeer. Going for a psychedelic indie rock concert without booze just doesn't seem right somehow...
NO BOOZE. NO BEER, NOT A SINGLE DROP OF ALCOHOL. If there was any concert that NEEDED some alcohol to get the crowd going, it was this one. COME ONE, how the hell are people supposed to enjoy 12-minute, trippy, psychedelic rock song like Siberian Breaks WITHOUT being at least a LITTLE high?

Speaking of which...

  • Ok, i really hope they don't spend 15 minutes playing the entire Siberian Breaks later...
  • Oh man, they ARE playing Siberian Breaks now. Now THIS is a song you DEFINITELY need booze to enjoy properly...
Yeah. They played Siberian Breaks. That super-long, super-trippy, song from Congratulations. It's a damn fine song on its own, but listening to it live in a concert, without a single drop of booze, was just a little too much to take.

Thank god then, for....


  • I think they need to play Kids after this to wake everyone up....
  • What did I tell ya??!!?? KIDS NOW!!!!!!
As soon as they finished Siberian Breaks, they went straight into Kids. And predictably, everyone got up (yeah we were all sitting down hahaha) and jumped around a lot. Hey, it's Kids. Something about that synth riff just makes you wanna jump around like a kid. heh heh.

And after that song, it was winding down time...

  • Winding down with Congratulations now. People started leaving right after Kids...
  • Last song oledi?? why no Brian Eno??!!??
Yup, the last song was Congratulations. I don't know what else they played for the encore, because I left right after Kids. Yeah, I ain't a Kid anymore. I was way too tired already hahaha.

And to sum it all up:

  • MGMT was slightly disappointing. Note to self, get a little drunk first, next time.
So, one concert down. I'm hoping Jimmy Eat World will be MUCH better later this week! WHEE!


CiNDi said...

Haha! You missed Brian Eno. It was one of the three songs they sung for encore.

eyeris said...

LOL, I knew they'd play it! Just cannot tahan anymore haha.

J.etch said...

I thought the set was quite lovely.
And for encore:
1) The Handshake
2) Pieces of What (my least fav MGMT song)
3) Brian Eno

Was a bit embarrassed by the local band tho. Twas JUST NOISE to me ears. Whatever happened to radio-friendly local bands like Nice Stupid Playground, OAG and the likes?! Oh well...

Btw, I'm sorry to hear that The National cancelled their gig. I picked Ed Harcourt over them :P Hopefully they will come to Asia again and soon.

eyeris said...

Hey I thought Kyoto Protocol were quite good. It certainly wasn't just 'noise'. And trust me, I've heard a lot of WORSE opening acts i nthe past.

Haha, so they DID play Brian Eno as the final song! I have no complains about the set, of which I knew every song. Just that as a live show, it just lacked that little bit extra to make it more memorable.... something a little bit of beer would help haha.

La Petite Cherie said...

I personally though Kyoto Protocol was ace as well :))

FuadKyoto said...

Thanks for the mention bro, the song is called "Never Know" and it will be released sometime soon together with our album!