Monday, 11 April 2011

The Day Jimmy Ate My World

I was spinning free, dizzy, and 23 once again. For me, this was heaven.

You see, if anyone were to ask me what my favorite band in the world was, I would say Jimmy Eat World without a doubt. So when they came to Singapore on 1 April, there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to miss the concert.

There were so many highlights for me - singing along to 23, moshing and spinning free during Sweetness, headbanging to Futures, Big Casino, Bleed American; the awesome Hear You Me, and... fooh, so many more. Heck, almost every song was a highlight for me. This was probably the only concert I have ever been to that I knew how to sing EVERY SINGLE SONG, and it was AWESOME. I am now convinced that for a concert to be REALLY good experience, you need not just an awesome band, but also to know the songs as well, AND a thousand more like-minded people to sing along with. Now THAT'S a good concert experience. Take THAT, MGMT!

Anyway, I've already got an 'official' account of the concert HERE, so there really isn't much else for me to say here except... PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN, JIMMY EAT WORLD!!!


1) Bleed American
2) A Praise Chorus
3) My Best Theory
4) Coffe And Cigarettes
5) Your New Aesthetic
6) Let It Happen
7) Futures
8) Big Casino
9) Dizzy
10) Action Needs An Audience
11) Pain
12) 23
13) Get it Faster
14) Evidence
15) For Me This Is Heaven
16) Hear You Me
17) Work
18) Blister
19) Goodbye Sky Harbour
20) Invented
21) The Middle
21) Sweetness


ShaolinTiger said...

Yah I have to agree, to truly enjoy a concert you have to be familiar max with all the songs.

If you only know the few mainstream hits, it's kinda sien.

Anonymous said...

no Kill?? aiseh man!

eyeris said...

No Kill, no A Sunday, no My Sundown, No Always Be, No Chase This Light, No Lucky Denver Mint... sigh. but what they played was actually good enough haha.

ST: Yeah, if you don't know the songs you'll just be standing around looking stupid and taking up space haha.

Nobby Nobbs said...

And no Softer - She's Perfect In Her Own Way. I was so cuffed they did Coffee & Cigarettes. As simple as it gets!!!! Bloody excellent!

Nobby Nobbs said...

Invented as well!!! Nearly went hoarse there.

eyeris said...

I went hoarse 8 songs in, after Futures and Big Casino. haha. And when he said 'This is a request' before 23, he was referring to MY request ok! LOL

Reta said...

shud've told the guys i wanted my sundown, smacks forehead