Friday, 29 April 2011

Don't Waste Light,Start a Foo Fight!

Has it really been THAT long since I've heard a good old Rock 'n' Roll album I liked? Have I been swimming in indie rock waters so long that I've forgotten how awesome an old school rock album can be like?

It's not everyday that a band makes me question my current playlists, but the Foo Fighters have. Heck, after hearing this album for the first time, I chucked out all the indie pop nonsense (ok, not nonsense, but the less rocking ones) I had in my iPhone and loaded it with all the classic rock albums I used to love so much.

Supposedly recorded the old school way - on analogue tapes - in Dave Grohl's garage, Wasting Light is one awesome album. I think the last album I felt this exhilarated listening to it was Green Day'sAmerican Idiot, back in the days before I discovered all those funky little indie bands that I've been listening to since.

Wasting Light caught my attention form the get go - even though I was doing my usual 'earphone in ear, music in background, attention somewhere else' thing, I couldn't help headbanging (or rather, head nodding, since I'd look really stupid headbanging in a silent office) to the songs. Bridge Burning and Rope got the album off to a great start, but then came the next song.

Dear Rosemary is definitely one song that is gonna be on my Top Ten list at year end. Everything, from the rousing intro, the battling guitars, the frenetic build-up, the soaring chorus, and the mid song bridge with Bob Mould is just AWESOME. It's the type of song where you are just COMPELLED to turn the volume ot 11 and head bang to, no matter where you are.

As for the rest of the album, my other favorites are Arlandria, I Should Have Known, These Days, Miss The Misery, and that song from the THOR soundtrack, Walk (after learning to fly, he now has to learn to walk again. heh heh). Heck, that's almost the whole album!

So yeah... All hail the Foo! Now THIS is how you make a REAL rock and roll album! YEAH!

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