Friday, 29 April 2011

Fast 5. 2 Slow 4 Me.

Fast Five.
Not a review.
Not fast enough lar.
Not enough fast cars, at least.
It WAS quite furious at times though.

This time, it's more of a heist movie.
Which got my hopes up.
But then donno why,
After all that planning,
The heist went missing.

Now THAT'S a fight I'd pay money to watch!
How was it?
To tell the truth, I'm not too sure.
All I saw was a flurry of biceps,
And a lot of grunting.
It was like a fight between two sets of really big arms.

Good to see all the familiar faces though.
Even though some of them were not very familiar anyway.
Han, Tyrese, etc etc.
The only one missing is Michelle Rodriguez.
She died in the last movie, remember?
Yeah, me neither.
Wait... or DID she?
Jeng jeng jeng...

PHWOOAARRR, who is this Gal Gadot er.. gal?
She was in the last F&F movie? How come I didn't notice wan?
She's not much of an actress,
But boy does she look good in a bikini.
But then... why did they hire a weapons expert,
And not have a single scene where she actually fired a weapon?

And while we're on that subject,
Why assemble a team with such specific specialties,
And don't actually use them properly?
For instance, Han is the 'chameleon',
But he didn't seem to do any 'chameleon-ing'.
But the dude is still damn cool lar.

Oh, and I wonder how many innocent bystanders died,
In that final chase scene.
Surely that HUGE bank vault would've squashed SOME people....

BTW, if they make a sixth movie,
(which they probably will, judging from the post-credits scene)
what will they call it?
Fast Six?
Furious Six?
Fastest and Furioutest?
Furious Fast Sex?

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