Monday, 4 April 2011

No Computer Programming Involved, but Some Mindfuckery May Occur.

Source Code
Not a review.
Whoa, mindfuck!
Not as mindfuckingly awesome as Inception, of course,
But at least it fucks the mind out of Sucker Punch.
(which didn't have much mind to begin with)
(Oh, and this ain't about some silly programmer)
(who becomes a billionaire by writing some source code either)

Welcome back, Jake,
Enough of that stupid Prince of Persia shit, ok?
Just concentrate on acting,
And leave the silly jumping action man shit to others, k?

Wah that Michelle Monaghan chick quite cute.
I never realised she was so cute.
All the movies I've seen her in she's always some bitch,
Or some whiny other girl etc etc.
Here she actually reminded me of an older Kristin Kreuk.
No Cleavage Rating though, sorry.

Story? Dowan to tell you.
Afterwards tell you oledi you say I reveal spoilers.
It's about a bomb.
And some sci-fi source code thingy.
That's all I'm gonna reveal here.
Go watch it to find out lar.

(Man, this heat wave is KILLING me...)

Yeah it IS worth watching.
It ain't just some action movie with sci-fi elements to it.
It's a sci-fi movie that actually makes you THINK.
(but not think TOO much your head hurts)
It's got some action bits, some romance bits,
And some WHOA MNDFUCK bits.
And hey, at least it's WAAAAY better than Sucker Punch, ok?

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