Thursday, 28 April 2011

Super Superstition, Jura!

I'd heard a lot about Isle Of Jura's Superstition single malt, and when I saw it in the airport recently, I just could not resists getting a bottle for myself. The fact that the bottle looks damn cool, and features a very prominent and cool Ankh on it didn't hurt either. I'm a sucker for pretty bottles. So sue me.

Anyway, this is a unique whisky in the sense that it's a blend of an old Jura single malt and much younger and robust, and peaty malt, which gives it a very unique flavor. Now, I'm a fan of Islay malts like Laphroig, but Superstition was something else. It's peaty, but not as robust and certainly doesn't have a strong 'medicine' smell of a Laphroig or Ardbeg.

On the nose, the first impression is the peat, but it's not as sharp as the usual Islay pearty malts. This one seems more... earthy, with hints of chocolate and nuts instead of the Islay iodine scents.

Taken neat, the whisky does not assault your senses like an Islay does. Instead, it's got a very smooth texture, but is just robust enough to wake your palette up. The finish is surprisingly delicate, but distinct and lingers for quite some time.


ShaolinTiger said...

Hmm gotta get me one of those!

eyeris said...

Oh yeah. I need to get me one of them Balvenies as well. haha.