Friday, 13 May 2011

Beer Of The Week: Tetley, Tetley, Very Smoothly

It's beer of the week time again! This time, I checked out a Tetley's Smooth Flow English ale that I bought from Village Grocer in Bangsar Village:

According to the can, this has 'A uniquely smooth taste', and 'for best result,; serve cold from the fridge, pull the tab, listen to the surge & pour down the side of the glass in one smooth movement.

I actually expected it to have a Bebola Terapung Ajaib (otherwise known to common people as a widget), since they kept emphasising the 'smooth' on the label, but it didn't have one, disappointingly.

Taste-wise, it's pretty light, containing only 3.6% alcohol:

Well, they DID call it a 'light English Ale' after all, so I suppose that can't be helped. Hey, at least it didn't taste like one of them piss-lite American beers.

It's definitely lighter than the one I've tried on draft, and much lighter than Kilkenny or even Newcastle Brown Ale. it's slightly sweeter than a Kilkenny though, though not as caramel-y as Newcastle Brown Ale.

I drank this one one of them awful hot days we've been getting this past week, so this was actually pretty awesome and refreshing. I still wouldn't pick this over a Newcastle Brown Ale, but at that low ABV level, it was a great light beer for a hot, hot day.

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