Friday, 27 May 2011

Is this the year the Panda beats Pixar? SKADOOSH!

Kung Fu Panda 2
Not A Review.
Wah Pixar better look out,
Cars 2 has a lot of ground to make up
Because this movie is actually damn good.
Heck, it's even better than the FIRST Kungfu Panda IMHO.

Tigress! Snake! Panda!
Mantis! Monkey! Crane!
Peacock! Rhino! Ox! Croc!
I love all the different animal kungfu styles!

The action was definitely bigger and better.
Each individual animal also got to show off more.
More fighting, more awesome stuns,
THIS is how a kungfu movie should be like!
(Without all the actors breaking their necks, of course)

Fooyor the peacock bad guy damn power,
I really like the way they used the bird's form,
The metal claws, the tail feathers, the spear,
And his feathers are deadly throwing knives!
Lord Shen would KICK Tai Lung's butt, no fight!

It's quite funny also.
And at least they don't use all those pop culture jokes,
That all the Shrek lar Shark Tale use.
Oh, if you understand Cantonese,
Go watch the Canto version also.
It's funny!

Oh, and it's not all action action fight fight,
Got some parts damn touching also ok?
Especially with the goose.
And the 3D not bad also.
Watch out Pixar, this panda means business.

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