Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This Aren't The Aliens You Are Looking For...

Not a review.
Comic Con!
I love Comic Con.
I was there when they filmed Paul there you know.
Even though I didn't see them filming,
But I was there anyway. HAH!

This is like a lover letter to Comic Con geeks.
Or Sci-fi geeks in general.
So many homages, so many Easter Eggs!
Star Wars! Aliens!
Indiana Jones! X-Files!
Close Encounters!

Pegg and Frost were ok though.
Not as funny as they were in Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead.
But still pretty funny,
I still prefer it when Frost is the bumbling idiot though.
He does bumbling, innocent idiot very well.

Surprisingly, Paul himself was pretty cool
I thought he'd be damn annoying and obnoxious,
Especially since Seth Rogen is voicing him.
But he was quite cool!
Quite endearing too, in fact.
And there's just something hilarious,
About an alien smoking a cigarette.
Heh heh.

Overall, it's ok.
Not as funny as Hot Fuzz or Shaun,
But still funny.
Even funnier if you're familiar with all the sci-fi movies,
and Pop culture in general.
IT's fun picking out the lines and easter eggs!

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