Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Transformers 3 Trailer! Wooohoo!! OPTIMUS!

I don't care what anyone says about the last two movies, it's TRANSFORMERS and there is just nothing else like a combination of lots of awesome transforming robots AND a huge dose of nostalgia to go with it.

The trailer to the net one is out now, and boy oh boy, am I excited about it. What's not to get excited about? It's the TRANSFORMERS. You want an intellectually challenging movie, go watch something else! PFFFBTTTTT!

Anyway, the trailer starts on the dark side of the moon, where we're told that the 1960's space race was because of an 'event'.

Namely, a Decepticon ship crash-landing:

Ooooh, intriguing. Next, here come the Autobots!

Optimus Prime! Ratchett! Bumbleblee! Sieswipe! Ironhide! Whee!

Oooooh, Optimus is pissed off at the puny humans.... They've made a GRAAAAVE mistake...

Holy shit, is that a SPACE BRIDGE?

Look, it's woken up all them ugly, nameless, faceless Decepticons!

Holy Primus, what the slag is THAT???!!????

Oh noes! it IS a space bridge! We're under attack!!!!

(let's hope this doesn't degenerate into Battle: Chicago...)

That big ugly thing is in town! Run away!!!!

Even Bumblebee is worried...

...because SHOCKWAVE IS COMING!!! WOOHOO!!! Check out that BIG FUCKING GUN!

Never fear, Optimus Prime is here! Here's how you save the day, Optimus Prime style:

First, you nail the landing....

Then you whip out your Big Fucking Gun with one hand and start blasting away....

..... then, you swing your Big Fucking Sword with your OTHER hand...

... KAJOOOOMP!!!!! You STICK IT into them dirty Decepticon scum!

But that's not all, in the same movement, you swivel and your gun starts blasting away again...

....And with another rotation, HERE COMES THE SWORD AGAIN.....



Oh no, here comes Laserbeak:


Optimus Prime in less violent times, lecturing Sam (as usual):


IT NOM UP A WHOLE BUILDING! Makes Devastator look like a big baby!

Now THAT'S what I call a kickass trailer! The only way it could have been better was if Megan Fox was in there showing some cleavage again, but unfortunately, this time is that new chick and she didn't seem very hot in the trailer... SIGH.

Anyway, to watch the trailer, CLICK THE LOGO BELOW!

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