Tuesday, 31 May 2011

X-traordinary. X-ceptional. X-cellant (Xorry)

X-Men: First Class
Not A Review.
X Marks The Spot!
First Class is Top of The Class!

Professor X!
>Aka. James McAvoy!
X-Rated! (great pickup lines, Charles!)
No wheelchair! Don't touch his hair!
Still X-tra Awesome!

aka. Michael Fassbender!
Heavy metal!
Ironclad performance!
That is one hell of a way to kill a guy, Erik!

Other mutants!
Havok: Energizing!
Mystique: Mystifying!
Banshee: Supersonic!
Beast! er... blue!
Azazel! Angel (with butterfly wings)!
(Poor Darwin)

Hubba hubba Emma Frost!
Cleavage rating 8.5!
Ok January Jones isn't THAT hot,
But when she takes her clothes off THAT often,
Who's looking at her face?
Hur hur.

Probably my favorite of all the X-Men movies so far.
Yes, even better than X1 and X2.
Yes, even without Wolverine!
Matthew Vaughn is KICK ASS!
Get him back for the sequel PLEASE!

Yup, this is DEFINITELY a great reboot of the franchise.
X-cellantly done, Vaughn!
EAT THAT Brett Ratner!
THIS is how you do an X-Men movie!
Now bring on the next one!

(I said FOUR Big Macs, Erik. not five!)


Simon Seow said...

What will they call the next one? X-Men: Next Chapter?

eyeris said...

X-Men: The College Years

Simon Seow said...

You mean this? :p

eyeris said...

Of course. They're leading up to the main series. After college it'll be X-men: Mutant Interns.

They're also planning an animated pre-prequel called: X-Men: The Kindergarden Years. Pixar's doing it cos Pixar's got an X in its name.

Anonymous said...

x-cellEnt? :)

eyeris said...

the mistake is now an X-Mistake. :D

vincent said...

Theoretically, there WAS wolwerine, hahaha

ShaolinTiger said...


Glo-w~* said...

Wolverine was in it, albeit a cameo role ^^