Monday, 13 June 2011

Beer Of The Week: Full Of Fuller

I'm in London right now, and the first two days was basically a really long pub crawl for me. I wanted to go on the London Real Ale Trail, but didn't have time, so I just hoped into random bars and tried all the different ales they had.

Fuller's isn't exactly an unknown brand to Malaysians - it's available in several outlets, though only in bottle form. Never really liked the bottle one, but I decided to check out the draft version while I was here (Also cos I'd tried every other ale in this particular pub).

Anyway, Fuller's London Pride is pretty much par for course when it comes to ABV - only about 4.7%. It IS however a lot nicer tasting than I remember the bottle one being. Maybe because I was thirsty and eating fish and chips at the same time, but the beer really went down smoothly and was remarkably refreshing and pleasant.

I tried a whole lot of other ales in London, but surprisingly, Fuller's London Pride was one of the more memorable ones for me.

More real ale to come next time!

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KY said...

i still hate u, even though i don't like beer that much. cis