Thursday, 16 June 2011

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, Send This Movie To The Blight.

Green lantern.
Not a review.
In brightest day, in blackest night,
This movie sure ain't no Dark knight.
May all who worship Marvel's might,
Beware DC's power... Ryan Reynolds' tights!

Sorry Ryan,
You should have stuck with Deadpool.
I liked you more there.
Not so annoying.
And you're not er.. heroic enough ler.
It ain't easy being green eh?

Blake Lively.
Not very lively.
A dead fish would have been livelier.
Stay in Gossip Girl, girl.
(Oh, Cleavage Rating: 7)

And why is Parallax a giant CLOUD again?
Like Galactus only.
No other shapes for giant evil space entities ar?
All cloud this cloud that.
This one is a cloud with tentacles samore.
(oh, you should see the crappy Parallax toy they made)
(That's gonna be in the bargain bins for YEARS)

Seriously not enough of the Green Lantern Corps lor.
Sinestro was alright (not yellow yet though)
Killowog talked too much like a hip-hop star for my liking.
Tomar-Re was not bad, but underused.
And they show SO MANY of the other Green Lanterns,
But never give them a chance to do anything,
Except shine their torchlights in the sky.

It was slightly better than Green HORNET,
But that's not saying much.
This was just... MEH.
Oh, and don't bother with 3D, it's pointless.
Go watch X-Men better,
Looks like DC is still stuck with Batman and Superman.
Though they better not screw up the Flash movie...


LiL Li Ling :) said...

RR in tights...hubba hubba!

UnkaLeong said...

Mixed reviews from friends who have already watched this. Will be watching super 8 this weekend instead ;)

Anonymous said...

dont like blake lively. prefer ryan half naked in wolverine. i still dont know who green lantern is. lol