Friday, 10 June 2011

Ole Ole Ole Ole! Senna! Senna!

Not a review.
Not a review about my brother's dog.
But about the actual Senna.
THE Aryton Senna.
Arguably the greatest F1 driver ever.
Don't think it's ever going to Malaysia though.
But if the local distributors have any sense in them,
This is one documentary they SHOULD bring in.

Yes, it's a documentary,
So don't expect Fast 5 styled car races.
But it's a brilliant documentary.
None of that stupid boring talking head crap.
It uses real footage and live race footage.
And tells the story brilliantly.
So brilliantly in fact,
That you don't have to be a F1 fan to enjoy it.

From the start of his career,
To his spats with the hamsap looking Alain Prost,
The in-car cameras showing off his driving skills,
It is a fitting tribute to a great driver.
His first win at the Brazilian GP was especially awesome.
Especially when you see the pain he was in after the race.

Of course, you know that he dies in the end.
But the build-up to that moment was brilliant.
From the pre-race footage, to the in-car footage,
It makes the eventual crash so, so heart-wrenching.
And what happens before the crash is even sadder.
You KNOW what happens to him.
Which makes each sentences he says even more poignant.
If you get the chance, WATCH THIS.


kimberlycun said...

i'd love to watch this! my brother was almost named as aryton but cause he's dead and it's pantang (er, also hard to pronunce lor) my dad decided to call him niki in the end..after niki lauda. now he calls himself nick coz niki sounds girlish :P lol

Anonymous said...

I think it was AYRton Senna :P