Monday, 25 July 2011

Captain America! Fuck Yeah!

Captain America: The First Avenger
Not A Review.
Captain America! Fuck Yeah!
Coming round to save the motherfuckin' day yeah!
Captain America! Fuck Yeah!
The Avengers is the only film left!
Fuck Yeah!

The costume is still damn dorky loh.
But they managed to explain it pretty well.
You should see the first time he wears it heh heh.
But later on it was ok.
Still dorky, but at least he kicks ass in it.

Chris Evans! Fuck Yeah!
Much better than expected.
I actually like him more here than in Fantastic Four.
Maybe cos he doesn't look so cocky.
But more goody goody heh heh.

Oooh, who's that chick?
Hayley Atwell? never heard of her.
She's pretty hot.
And even though got no cleavage rating,
Her Uniformed Rating is off the charts.
Nothing hotter than a girl in a uniform.
(Unless she's in a uniform AND also wearing glasses.
(And holding a machine gun)
Their love story was quite bittersweet,
So emo, sniff sniff.

And the shield is pretty awesome too.
But they don't explain why it comes back after he throws it.
Did he train himself to do that?
Did Howard Stark fix a magnet to his hand?
Is Captain America secretly an Australian?

Hugo Weaving AGAIN?
What is he, the ONLY person who can play a villain?
Oh wait, Mark Strong's been around a lot lately too.
Red Skull was ok,
Though when they first revealed the red head,
It reminded me of The Mask.
Almost expected him to start calling himself Cuban Pete.
(And start doing the rhumba beat)

Tommy Lee Jones! Funny!
Howard Stark! Not Tony but still fun!
Bucky! Er... carry on....
Dum Dum Dugan! Nice hat!
Howling Commandos! Not much howling done!

It's actually better than I expected.
Probably cos I had VERY LOW expectations.
I quite liked Thor,
But surprisingly, this was better.
At least I enjoyed it.
The pacing was more consistent,
And the action was decent.
Just ignore all the 'RA RA AMERICA' stuff lah...

Oh, remember to wait till the end of the credits for an extra scene,
It's one easter egg worth assembling for, I'll tell you that.
We've got Iron Man, Hulk, Thor,
And now Captain America...
Next up, The Avengers!

(Well, I'm not green, so that means I'm not the Hulk...)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Come One, Come All to the Alcon Launch!

Are you sick of paying WAAAY too much for booze thanks to the REALLY REALLY HIGH taxes imposed on alcohol? Well, Alcon are as well.

Alcon stands for the Alcohol-Consumer-Rights Group Malaysia (Alcon), a group of consumers who are petitioning for the rights of all social drinkers in MAlaysia.

Anyway, Alcon is having their OFFICIAL launch TOMORROW, at 4:30pm-730pm. Where is it gonna be? Well, you gotta be a member of ALCON to find out. Go HERE to join the cause, and then go to the event page HERE to find out wherethe launch is gonna be!

And OF COURSE there will be drinks. DUH.


If you're still wondering what Alcon is standing for, here's a petition to the Ministrt of Finace that they came up with last year:
Here is a petition they came up with last year:

We the undersigned ask that the government reduce the unusually high duties and taxes levied on alcohol in Malaysia, as compared with the rest of the developing and developed world.

We strongly feel that responsible Malaysians have been subjected to EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE duties and taxes for alcohol. Malaysians are still low-income earners, but the prices we pay for alcohol are quite ridiculous.

In terms of income vs price, Malaysians probably pay the highest for alcohol in the WORLD. This is a very distressing and unsustainable situation.

The huge majority of drinkers do so as a form of recreation and a social activity. There are not alcoholics, and are responsible citizens. Many are professionals, businessmen and artists.

However, the cost of moderate drinking can cost up to 25% of a person's monthly salary. In most countries, for the same volume of drinks, it would only be 5-10% of the monthly salary.

Alcohol consumers already contribute close to 10 billion ringgit (5.6 billion spent on beer alone in 2009), but our views as stakeholders have never been taken into consideration by the government. In addition, the government’s revenue from alcohol taxation are already in the billions each year.

It’s time that the government shows some concern about this situation.

Please do not look to us an easy source of government funds anymore.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

WU HU! Donnie Yen Kicks Ass! (Again)

Wu Xia
Not a review.
Wah Donnie Yen again!
Why always him wan ar?
No one else can fight as good as him ar?
Oh yeah, there isn't.
Oh well...

Fooyor the story damn mystery mystery.
It's not all fight fight kill kill.
Got CSI scene also wan ok!
Kinda reminded me of A History Of Violence though.
Simple guy living simple life,
But actually hor, got damn bloody past wan.

Haiyor what spoiler.
See also you know lah.
See his face only you know he's going to fight lar.
And you KNOW he is not going ot be simple simple forever.

Takeshi was a bit weird though.
Maybe cos it's the Cantonese dubbing.
But quite fun, the fella.
Like House a bit, and can do CSI CSI also.
I quite like how they analyse the 'crime scene'
A bit kua ciong but fun.

eh the girl quite cute leh,
Oooh, she was from Lust, Caution.
That means we've seen her nekkid before lor.
Heh heh.
Nothing like that here though.
But her acting here is pretty good.
Didn't realize she was from that movie until later.

The fighting not bad.
But the beginning a bit slow lor,
If you just want fight fight fight fight.
Then you'll be disappointed.
But at least they tried something new.
Takeshi was fun
Donnie was... well, Donnie.
And PHWOAR the big boss is scary power.

It's quite interesting though,
Got fight, got CSI, got drama.
I quite like the CSI parts.
But hor, the ending a bit potong.
Both metaphorically and literally.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tonight, I Dance With Dragons!


Now PLEASE don't take this long to finish The Winds Of Winter!

PS: At a total of 1016 pages, this book is gonna break my back if I carry it around to read....

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What a Way To Go, Harry Potter!

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Not a Review.
The Harry Potter series has finally ended!

It's not been a very easy franchise to follow.
Not all the films were great,
The first two were plodding bores,
The third was awesome,
The fourth, fifth and sixth were not bad,
And the seventh was just pointless.
But at least the whole thing has ended on a high.
But WHAT A WAY to end it all.

This is probably Radcliff'es best performance in the ENTIRE series.
At least you don't want to slap him silly.
And he's got more than two expressions this time around.
And Voldemort got more things to say also.
Damn scary bugger.
No nose also so scary.

Neville Longbottom!
Oooh, Emma Watson.
Cleavage Rating 6.5 (only because she doesn't er... flaunt it)
Ron is not so annoying either.

WHOA Flashbacks of LOTR.
And er.. Matrix Reloaded.
Don't ask.
Wah damn drama.
Damn emo.
So sad also.
*sob sob sob*

Now THAT is what I call a payoff for the character!
THIS is what we've been waiting for!
And Alan Rickman is AWESOME here.
And Professor McGonagall is one badass MOFO.
I wish they'd shown her kicking more ass .

You know, they should have just made ONE movie.
Cut out bits of part one, and add an extra hour to part two.
Then it would have been SO SO much better.
But I don't blame the filmmakers
I blame Rowling-In-It.
She desperately needed an editor,
Especially in those last few books,
Which were thicker than bloody dictionaries.

But all in all, it's a good way to finish the series.
Lots of action, lots of drama,
And the mother of all wizard duels.
(actually, not really.)
(It's nothing compared to the Dumbledore vs. Voldemort duel in HP5)
It sure ain't no Return Of The King, that's for sure,
But it's still a brilliant way to end the franchise.

Oh, and who want to bet ten years from now,
J.K. Rowling-in-it is gonna write a prequel,
About James, Lily, Sirus' generation?
(or maybe a gay romance novel starring Dumbledore).

Monday, 11 July 2011

Quiz Bodoh Kapitan America

What is Captain America's real name?
(a) Steve Rogers
(b) Buck Rogers
(c) Kenny Rogers

Which America is Captain America from?
(a) North America
(b) Central America
(c) South America

What weapon does Captain America use?
(a) Shuriken
(b) Lightsabers
(c) A very flat wok

What happens when Captain America's shield gets stuck in a tree? Does he:
(a) whistle for it
(b) climb the tree
(c) call Tony Stark

What happens when Captain America gets demoted? Will he be called:
(a) Sergeant America
(a) Major America
(c) Private America

What happens when Red Skull gets a Blue Lantern Ring?
(a) turn purple
(b) stash it with the rest of his jewelry
(c) defect to DC

What would you call Captain America if he wins Miss America?
(a) Captain Miss America
(b) Miss Captain America
(c) Captain I-Am-A-Girl

What coffee does Captain America drink?
(a) Cafe 50
(b) Starbucky's
(c) Kopitiam Americano

Which reality show would Captain America win?
(a) American Idol
(b) X-Factor
(c) So You Think You Can Die

Monday, 4 July 2011

Beer Of The Week: Bonjour, Blanc Beer!

I've always liked Kronenbourg 1664's lager. It's probably one of the few lagers I can drink without wincing. It's a bit expensive here in Malaysia, but still, I'd take it over most other lagers these days.

Anyway, Carlsberg Malaysia just launched the second beer under the Kronenbourg brand - 1664 Blanc - which is a wheat beer. The launch went down at an awesome party at View @ Gtower last week.

The beer comes in a pretty nice blue bottle (so you don't confuse it with the lager's green bottle), and like most wheat beers, the beer is a murky, slightly grey-ish yellow color. Taste-wise, it's a very fruity beer, kinda like Hoegaarden but with a stronger citrus flavor to it.

Frankly, 1664 Blanc is a little too sweet, too fruity for my liking. It's a bit of a girl's beer, even more so than Hoegaarden if you ask me. It's still pretty tasty though.

But I'd still prefer the Kronenbourg 1664 lager over this anytime.

You should be able to get 1664 Blanc it at View, Library, Ecoba, The Hill and other Carlsberg joints. It's available in bottle and on tap too I think.