Monday, 4 July 2011

Beer Of The Week: Bonjour, Blanc Beer!

I've always liked Kronenbourg 1664's lager. It's probably one of the few lagers I can drink without wincing. It's a bit expensive here in Malaysia, but still, I'd take it over most other lagers these days.

Anyway, Carlsberg Malaysia just launched the second beer under the Kronenbourg brand - 1664 Blanc - which is a wheat beer. The launch went down at an awesome party at View @ Gtower last week.

The beer comes in a pretty nice blue bottle (so you don't confuse it with the lager's green bottle), and like most wheat beers, the beer is a murky, slightly grey-ish yellow color. Taste-wise, it's a very fruity beer, kinda like Hoegaarden but with a stronger citrus flavor to it.

Frankly, 1664 Blanc is a little too sweet, too fruity for my liking. It's a bit of a girl's beer, even more so than Hoegaarden if you ask me. It's still pretty tasty though.

But I'd still prefer the Kronenbourg 1664 lager over this anytime.

You should be able to get 1664 Blanc it at View, Library, Ecoba, The Hill and other Carlsberg joints. It's available in bottle and on tap too I think.

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John Ling said...

Really enjoyed reading your reactions on the latest Transformers movie. Funny and concise. Do keep up the good work. =)