Monday, 25 July 2011

Captain America! Fuck Yeah!

Captain America: The First Avenger
Not A Review.
Captain America! Fuck Yeah!
Coming round to save the motherfuckin' day yeah!
Captain America! Fuck Yeah!
The Avengers is the only film left!
Fuck Yeah!

The costume is still damn dorky loh.
But they managed to explain it pretty well.
You should see the first time he wears it heh heh.
But later on it was ok.
Still dorky, but at least he kicks ass in it.

Chris Evans! Fuck Yeah!
Much better than expected.
I actually like him more here than in Fantastic Four.
Maybe cos he doesn't look so cocky.
But more goody goody heh heh.

Oooh, who's that chick?
Hayley Atwell? never heard of her.
She's pretty hot.
And even though got no cleavage rating,
Her Uniformed Rating is off the charts.
Nothing hotter than a girl in a uniform.
(Unless she's in a uniform AND also wearing glasses.
(And holding a machine gun)
Their love story was quite bittersweet,
So emo, sniff sniff.

And the shield is pretty awesome too.
But they don't explain why it comes back after he throws it.
Did he train himself to do that?
Did Howard Stark fix a magnet to his hand?
Is Captain America secretly an Australian?

Hugo Weaving AGAIN?
What is he, the ONLY person who can play a villain?
Oh wait, Mark Strong's been around a lot lately too.
Red Skull was ok,
Though when they first revealed the red head,
It reminded me of The Mask.
Almost expected him to start calling himself Cuban Pete.
(And start doing the rhumba beat)

Tommy Lee Jones! Funny!
Howard Stark! Not Tony but still fun!
Bucky! Er... carry on....
Dum Dum Dugan! Nice hat!
Howling Commandos! Not much howling done!

It's actually better than I expected.
Probably cos I had VERY LOW expectations.
I quite liked Thor,
But surprisingly, this was better.
At least I enjoyed it.
The pacing was more consistent,
And the action was decent.
Just ignore all the 'RA RA AMERICA' stuff lah...

Oh, remember to wait till the end of the credits for an extra scene,
It's one easter egg worth assembling for, I'll tell you that.
We've got Iron Man, Hulk, Thor,
And now Captain America...
Next up, The Avengers!

(Well, I'm not green, so that means I'm not the Hulk...)


KY said...

Nothing hotter than a girl in a uniform.
(Unless she's in a uniform AND also wearing glasses.
(And holding a machine gun)

I beg to differ, keep the machine gun, keep the glasses, forget teh uniform!

Anonymous said...

the chick has big big boobs, if you look "closely" :)

Damyanti said...

Been waiting to watch this movie...thanks for putting up the pics :)