Friday, 22 July 2011

Come One, Come All to the Alcon Launch!

Are you sick of paying WAAAY too much for booze thanks to the REALLY REALLY HIGH taxes imposed on alcohol? Well, Alcon are as well.

Alcon stands for the Alcohol-Consumer-Rights Group Malaysia (Alcon), a group of consumers who are petitioning for the rights of all social drinkers in MAlaysia.

Anyway, Alcon is having their OFFICIAL launch TOMORROW, at 4:30pm-730pm. Where is it gonna be? Well, you gotta be a member of ALCON to find out. Go HERE to join the cause, and then go to the event page HERE to find out wherethe launch is gonna be!

And OF COURSE there will be drinks. DUH.


If you're still wondering what Alcon is standing for, here's a petition to the Ministrt of Finace that they came up with last year:
Here is a petition they came up with last year:

We the undersigned ask that the government reduce the unusually high duties and taxes levied on alcohol in Malaysia, as compared with the rest of the developing and developed world.

We strongly feel that responsible Malaysians have been subjected to EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE duties and taxes for alcohol. Malaysians are still low-income earners, but the prices we pay for alcohol are quite ridiculous.

In terms of income vs price, Malaysians probably pay the highest for alcohol in the WORLD. This is a very distressing and unsustainable situation.

The huge majority of drinkers do so as a form of recreation and a social activity. There are not alcoholics, and are responsible citizens. Many are professionals, businessmen and artists.

However, the cost of moderate drinking can cost up to 25% of a person's monthly salary. In most countries, for the same volume of drinks, it would only be 5-10% of the monthly salary.

Alcohol consumers already contribute close to 10 billion ringgit (5.6 billion spent on beer alone in 2009), but our views as stakeholders have never been taken into consideration by the government. In addition, the government’s revenue from alcohol taxation are already in the billions each year.

It’s time that the government shows some concern about this situation.

Please do not look to us an easy source of government funds anymore.

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