Thursday, 21 July 2011

WU HU! Donnie Yen Kicks Ass! (Again)

Wu Xia
Not a review.
Wah Donnie Yen again!
Why always him wan ar?
No one else can fight as good as him ar?
Oh yeah, there isn't.
Oh well...

Fooyor the story damn mystery mystery.
It's not all fight fight kill kill.
Got CSI scene also wan ok!
Kinda reminded me of A History Of Violence though.
Simple guy living simple life,
But actually hor, got damn bloody past wan.

Haiyor what spoiler.
See also you know lah.
See his face only you know he's going to fight lar.
And you KNOW he is not going ot be simple simple forever.

Takeshi was a bit weird though.
Maybe cos it's the Cantonese dubbing.
But quite fun, the fella.
Like House a bit, and can do CSI CSI also.
I quite like how they analyse the 'crime scene'
A bit kua ciong but fun.

eh the girl quite cute leh,
Oooh, she was from Lust, Caution.
That means we've seen her nekkid before lor.
Heh heh.
Nothing like that here though.
But her acting here is pretty good.
Didn't realize she was from that movie until later.

The fighting not bad.
But the beginning a bit slow lor,
If you just want fight fight fight fight.
Then you'll be disappointed.
But at least they tried something new.
Takeshi was fun
Donnie was... well, Donnie.
And PHWOAR the big boss is scary power.

It's quite interesting though,
Got fight, got CSI, got drama.
I quite like the CSI parts.
But hor, the ending a bit potong.
Both metaphorically and literally.

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Anonymous said...

yes, you be dissappointed if you want fight fight fight!!! this one more talking than fighting