Monday, 11 July 2011

Quiz Bodoh Kapitan America

What is Captain America's real name?
(a) Steve Rogers
(b) Buck Rogers
(c) Kenny Rogers

Which America is Captain America from?
(a) North America
(b) Central America
(c) South America

What weapon does Captain America use?
(a) Shuriken
(b) Lightsabers
(c) A very flat wok

What happens when Captain America's shield gets stuck in a tree? Does he:
(a) whistle for it
(b) climb the tree
(c) call Tony Stark

What happens when Captain America gets demoted? Will he be called:
(a) Sergeant America
(a) Major America
(c) Private America

What happens when Red Skull gets a Blue Lantern Ring?
(a) turn purple
(b) stash it with the rest of his jewelry
(c) defect to DC

What would you call Captain America if he wins Miss America?
(a) Captain Miss America
(b) Miss Captain America
(c) Captain I-Am-A-Girl

What coffee does Captain America drink?
(a) Cafe 50
(b) Starbucky's
(c) Kopitiam Americano

Which reality show would Captain America win?
(a) American Idol
(b) X-Factor
(c) So You Think You Can Die


KY said...

all i really want is captain planet, he's the hero, gonna fight pollution down to zero!

camlok said...

damn, reading that, I just pictured Tom Cruise wearing the american flag as a cape looking at the horizon.