Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beer Of The Week: My Goodness My Guinness!

No, this is not an advertorial about Arthur's Day. If you want to know more about that, you can go check out the hundreds of other more popular blogs promoting the event, including some by guys who don't even drink it in the first place (yes KY I'm talking about you LOL).

I'm here to talk about Guinness, the BEER. Because you know, everyone's so wrapped up with the bloody concert that no one seems to care about the beer that the concert is based on in the first place.

Frankly, there really isn't enough free Guinness in the entire world to make me want to go watch Taio Cruz.

Not that I have anything against it, mind you. I LOVE Guinness, Draught or FES. I just haven't been drinking a lot of it lately, partly due to an overdose of it some time ago, and because I prefer ales these days, so I drink more Newcastle and Kilkenny.

Anyway, Guinness is a stout. But did you know that the one you drink on tap at pubs is technically NOT a stout? the bottled one, otherwise known as Foreign Extra Stout (FES) is the REAL stout.What's the draught one then? I don't know. a kid stout? Heh heh. Not that I mind though, I prefer the Draught over the FES, even though I like em both.

FES is more full-bodied and has a much, much heavier malt flavor to it. It's also got a higher Alcohol content.

On the other hand, the Guinness Draught is pretty much an easier to drink version of the stout. It's lighter, slightly heavier than Kilkenny, full-bodied (but not TOO full that it makes you bloated after one), and is easier on the malts. It's slightly creamier as well, and is a very, very satisfying drink especially after a long day at work.

BTW, Guinness Draught has a special two-part pour that makes it better to drink. I'm not gonna go through it here, so go Google it yourself. Oh, and the Guinness in Malaysia brewed by GAB is apparently the best one brewed outside of Ireland. Now that's some achievement.

And the best place to have Guinness Draught? Sid's Pub of course. Where else? Now, I'd take a pint or two of Guinness at Sid's over a whole night of freeflow with bloody Taio Cruz ANYTIME....

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