Monday, 12 September 2011

Chick Flick! Fuck Yeah!

Not a review.
Wah, a chick flick!
I actually went to watch a chick flick!
It's been years since I watch a chick flick!
Oh wait, I just watched one last year.
Oh never mind.

This chick flick quite funny though.
At least it's not like other chick flicks.
You know, the sort always starring Katherine Heigl,
Who plays an airhead chick who can't/won't get a guy,
But falls for one in the end.
Yadda yadda bla bla zzzzzzzz

Oooh Rose Byrne.
She's hot, but I don't like her character so not THAT hot.
Got so many British actors too!
Got that baldie from Little Britain
And that policeman guy is quite cool.

This one is funnier, raunchier,
And best of all, no Katherine Heigl!
(She's hot and all, but damn she can be annoying).
Heck, I don't even remember most of the actresses' names.
Except Kristen Wigg, who is really funny.
That butch Megan also damn funny hahahahaha.

Bridesmaids is like most Apatow comedies,
Got shit, fart, fuck, cuss, puke jokes,
But not stupid dumb like how Jack Black always does it.
And it's not like other chick flicks.
At least you don't spend half the time rolling your eyes.
And it's less a waste of time than most of the others.
Go watch it with a chick!


KY said...

best chick flick evaa

Sharon kuan said...

agree! love ittttt!

spiller said...

just wondering why you didn't cover Horrible Bosses?

eyeris said...

Because I completely forgot I even watched that. It was THAT forgettable. haha

lil_liling said...

Aren't u glad dat u'd so graciously accompanied me to watch it ;ppp