Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Curry neh! Go watch Nasi Lemak!

Nasi Lemak 2.0
Not a review.
Wah, last year only I interviewed Namewee,
He was trying to get funds for the 1Malaysia movie.
Now here it is!

Go watch it!
It's funny!
Got Proton jokes!
Got politic jokes!
Got Alleycats!
Got Adibah and Afdlin!
Got Patrick Teoh!
After watch already you'll want to eat Nasi Lemak!

Hmmm, so odd seeing Karen Kong onscreen,
Way back in 2007 I was the first person to interview her.
She was an unknown then, just starting out.
She was so shy and awkward,
And didn't even know how to answer my questions properly.
Now, she's a star! Quite hot also!
Not just in music, but also in a movie also!
Wah I so proud la.

Anyway, Nasi Lemak very the funny.
It's a bit disjointed though.
Some slapstick parts no need also can.
But the jokes are actually pretty smart wan.
Especally if you're familiar with MAlaysia,
The races, the stereotypes, the politics, the culture,
The food, the language.. EVERYTHING lah.
(Except religion. nothing sensitive here)
Oh, also if you're familiar with Namewee's 'career',

It's a Malaysian movie.
got Malay English, Chinese, Tamil, Hokkien Cantonese...
Not a Malaysian-Chinese/Malay/Indian movie.
It's MALAYSIAN movie ok?
Don't want to watch it?
Diam lah!
Curry neh!


KY said...

wanted to watch last weekend but all full!

Myhorng said...

Got Hainanese also.