Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Sale Of Books And Comics

Just got back from the media preview of the MPH Distributors' Warehouse Sale. Pretty decent selection of books there.

They've got the entire A Song of Ice And Fire series for RM80 or something like that:

Got a lot of other books there as well, but frankly, I've been too spoiled by Bookxcess and the Big Bad Wolf sale to bother with the books these days.

For me, the main attraction was the comics section. the sale has a pretty good selection (almost four bookcases full!) of graphic novels and trade paperbacks, mostly DC Comics and Vertigo stuff, with a few Dark Horse lying around. Absolutely nothing from Marvel though. All going for RM13-RM50, which is a STEAL.

I saw lots of Superman and Batman titles, some great stuff like Preacher, Constantine, Hellboy, BPRD, Y: The Last Man, Fables, DMZ, Ex-Machina, Swamp Thing, some Neil Gaiman stuff, and A LOT of the usual superhero stuff.

Yup, there were some Absolute editions as well. I saw quite a few Absolute Sandman Vol II, and Absolute Batman: Long Halloween going for RM76 each. Now THAT'S a great buy. No more Absolute Watchmen and Absolute Kingdom Come though. The hoard of hoarding journalists sapu all oledi heh heh.

Anyway, the sale is open for the public tomorrow until Sunday. Here're the details and a very handy map to the sale as well!

Date: 15-18 September 2011
Time : 8am to 7pm
Tel: 603 7958 1688)

Ground Floor
Bangunan TH
5 Jalan Bersatu
Section 13/4
Petaling Jaya


thatjames said...

Damn you hoarding journalists!

camlok said...

By the time I got there on Friday I think most good stuff gone already

eyeris said...

Go tomorrow lar! Got quite a lot of comics, but not sure how long they'll last. I reckon the only ones left would be the Silver Age stuff.