Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beer Of The Week: Ho Ho Sapporo!

Hmmm, two Japanese Beers of The Week in a row. Oh well, I've always found Japanese beer to be quite nice anyway. I have fond memories of this particular brand, as I remember visiting the Sapporo Museum when I was in Tokyo where they had a nice six flight beer tasting thingy for only about RM20 (can't remember exactly how much though, but it was cheap!).

Anyway, Sapporo (which is the oldest beer brand in JApan, apparently) was recently launched officially in Malaysia, and is also available on tap at Bar Madrid, Jaya One.

I quite like this one, which is their premium beer. Funnily enough, this particular awesome looking can also says it was brewed in Canada, which is a bit strange, but at least the beer is still pretty good. It's got a nice light citrus-y nose, and tastes a little citrus-y sweet as well. For this kind of style of beer, I'm still partial to Suntory Premium Malt though, but for a lager, this is still pretty good.

I don't really know where you can get this can though, but the draught in Bar Madrid is also pretty good, so do check it out next time you're there!


FA said...

sapporo on tap is EXCELLENT.

So is Asahi on tap - when will they ever bring it over. :(

ahhup said...

they selling this in Malaysia? how much? this beer is out-standing... yes, brewed in Canada, ard SGD 6 here