Monday, 10 October 2011

Beer Of The Week: Ohai Asahi, The Jap In Black!

I first heard of Asahi Black when I was browsing through a copy of TimeOut Singapore, and they recommended this as one of the best beers available at Ice Cold Beer in Emerald Hill. The first time I tried it at the outlet though, it didn't really live up to expectation (probably because it was the second day of Beerfest and I was pretty sick of the taste of beer).

Undeterred, I bought another two bottles back from Singapore the last time we were there, and tried it again at home. This time, the experience was much, much better.

The nose of the beer is rich and chocolately, and even reminded me of a chocolate infused Guinness. The beer itself was full-bodied, rich, and strangely, very crisp at the same time. I has a rich, malty flavour not unlike a Guinness, but also some awesome chocolate notes as well, all of which go down refreshingly and gives you a brilliant chocolate malt finish as well.

Definitely much better than the usual Asahi Dry lager I always have. Next time you go Singapore, keep a lookout for this one!

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