Thursday, 27 October 2011

At Least It Wasn't a Complete Waste Of Time

In Time.
Not a review.
Not a complete waste of time either.
Just took a bit too much time to get to the point.
Then in the end they rush rush as if out of time.

Wah everyone is 24 years old!
And got clock on their arms wan.
Got alarm clock function wan ar?
With a built in snooze function?
What about an iPod dock?
And if you lift your arm high high,
Can you get radio as well?

It's Justin Timberlake!
He's bringing sexy time back.
Er, ok maybe not.
He was a bit blah.
And his character really wasn't very interesting lor.
But at least got sexy time with Amanda Seyfried.

Oooh, Amanda Seyfried,
Cleavage rating 8.
Not badass enough though.
And not convinced with her character development.
But hey, who cares?
At least she's nice to look at hur hur.

I loved the idea of time being money,
And that you have to work to get time,
Just so you can live longer.
The possibilities are so intriguing.
But it seemed a bit wasted here lor.
2 hours not enough to explore everything in this world.
This would have been GREAT as a TV show methinks.

I'd love to see a crime procedural based on this idea.
With Cillian Murphy's Timekeeper in the lead.
He was pretty awesome.
Or even a ghetto gangster movie,
Focusing on the Minute Men gang
Oooh, and how about a Mad Men-styled 'retro' show,
About how that creepy rich guy got so much time?

Yeah, this wasn't a complete waste of time,
But I feel they didn't spend enough time on the idea.
The world had SO many possibilities,
And the details they put in was really good.
But didn't spend enough time exploring it properly.
A TV show would have been MUCH better.
Will it ever happen?
Well, only time will tell.

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