Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jackie Chan's 100th Movie is Not a Jackie Chan Movie


Not a Review
It's Jackie Chan's 100th movie.
But it's not a typical Jackie Chan movie.
It's very, very serious,
And very historical and talky.
If you just wanna see Jackie fight,
You'd be pretty bored.
The only funny part of the movie,
Was when they called Penang 'Penang Pulau'

Nope, no Jackie falling off buildings,
No Jackie fighting baddies (only one SMALL fight nia)
No Jackie being funny
No Jackie using ladders or umbrellas to fight.
Just Jackie being very serious and drama-rama.
And acting pretty well too, if I may add.

That's not saying this is a bad movie though.
It just isn't a Jackie Chan movie.
Unfortunately, everyone is talking about it like it is.
Even the pictures I found are all Jackie only.
This is almost like a documentary.
All about history and actual events.
Very educational, actually.

It's about the Xinhai Revolution in China,
WAAAAY back in 1911 (duh),
when they overthrew the Qing Dynasty,
which means that finally, after more than 200 years,
Very important bit of history, this.
Worth finding out more about.

Like I said, it's a serious historical epic.
I liked it because I liked all this history history stuff.
Not sure how accurate it is lar.
And I think got a fair bit of romanticizing also.
But if you just want to see Jackie Chan fight,
Go watch Police Story or Project A again.

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KY said...

can't believe that jackie chan is past 55 already, ok la give him a break don't need to fight already