Thursday, 6 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs. Visionary, World Changer, Magic Maker

(picture taken from Disney-Pixar FB)



Personaly, my favorite Steve Jobs contribution is not Apple, but Pixar. He was the one who gave Ed Catmull and John Lasseter the backing to start the company. Without Steve Jobs, we might not have had movies like Toy Story, WALL-E, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and so on. And the world would have been a less happy place for me.

As for Apple, I used to be so anti-Apple it hurt. Then I got an iPod shuffle, then iPod Touch, then iPhone, then iPad.... Yup, iConverted. Anyway, here's my personal history with Apple, through a rundown of the devices I've owned:

Apple II: I remember countless hours playing Karateka on the Apple II my dad bought for us. Back then, computers were so awesome. Our dad had to limit the time we were on it to an hour a day.

iPod shuffle (Gen 1) I bought this off Erna after she got it from a lucky draw, and I was instantly hooked. An over-glorified thumbdrive it may be, but it changed the way I listened to music. Used to abuse it a lot too.

iPod Nano (Gen 2): Again, bought it off someone who got it free. All of a sudden, I had a SCREEN! I could see what I was listening too! Didn't last long though, because not soon after I got this, I got the...

iPod Touch (Gen 1): This was the breakthrough. This was the one that got me hooked. I was in love. Since then, I've not been able to get used to any other touchscreen. Unfortunately, after almost two years, it drowned in an unfortunatel flooding incident at my apartment. Sigh...

iPod Touch (Gen 2): LL bought this for me for our anniversary after I'd lost my last one. It was slimmer, more canggih than the last one, and best of all, it's got our names and anniversary date engraved on the back. :-)

iPhone 4: After YEARS of using a Nokia E71, it finally died and I wanted to get a touchscreen phone. At first I tried out some Android phones, but somehow, I didn't quite like it. I didn't understand why until I bought LL an iPhone 4, and realized that I'd become so used to the touch screen and the interface of the iPod Touch that I simply could not get used to the Android ones at all. So yeah, and that's the story of how I got an iPhone 4 eventually.

iPad: I got this slightly cheaper than normal from a friend. After lugging my laptop around for so long when I travel, the iPad turned out to be a godsent. It was AWESOME for long haul flights, I could watch videos, read books, comics, and play games, AND the battery didn't run out halfway through the flight.

So yeah, that's how I evolved into an Apple geek. No, I still don't use a Macbook though. I like change, but not THAT much. :-p

Thank you Steve Jobs, for changing the world. Rest in Peace.

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