Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Weissbrau, Where The Brew Is At

October has become a month that I both look forward to and dread the most at the same time these days, because of a very very special festival... OKTOBERFEST!

Yup, that beer-guzzling festival has never failed to make me utterly sick of beer every year it comes around, thanks to all the one liter steins of beer that is available everywhere these days:

(picture from Kimberlycun)

Anyway, a couple weeks back me, LL, Deepak, Shaolintiger and Kimberlycun were at Weissbrau Pavilion KL for a little private food and beer sampling, in conjunction with their Oktoberfest launch.

First up, the food. We got some sandwiches, some burgers and pork knuckles, which were pretty decent, but the highlights for me were this potato pancake:

... which was super awesome! Cheese, potatoes, ham and a sunny side egg on top, all melted together and formed this AMAZING little thing that I could not stop eating.

Also, the seafood pizza they served us was pretty good as well:

I especially liked the sweet onion base they put on top of the crust. It was really one of the best pizzas I'd tasted in a LOOONG time.

Of course, we also drank a whole lot of beer (Kim even managed to finish one whole half pint of Franziskaner all by herself without speaking a single word of Mandarin or falling asleep!

Ok, on hindsight, I probably shouldn't have taken one whole liter of Erdinger Dunkel all by myself, especially after two glasses of awesome Schneider Weiss beer, but I managed (barely) to finish it eventually. I think. I don't remember much after that. But at least I drank more than Deep, who chickened out halfway MUAHAHAHA.

(picture from Kimberlycun)

Anyway, the Octoberfest celebration at Weissbrau started on 22 September 22 and ends on October 6 (yup, that's this Thursday). You can purchase either one litre of Franziskaner or one litre of Erdinger Weissbier and Erdinger Dunkel at the price of RM 60++ during Happy Hour (10am till 9pm) and RM 72++ for non-Happy hour. The customer can also purchase the one litre mug at the cost of RM 7+. Not a bad deal, actually. Hurry up! the offer ends on Thursday!

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