Thursday, 3 November 2011

Beer Of The Week: Double DAMN, Voll-Damm!

One day, while I was walking around Bangsar Shopping Complex, I was quite surprised to see a rack of beers at the O Gourmet Food Hall, just next to a cabinet full of Monin syrups. There were about six beers there, a couple of Fuller's beers (the Fullers 1845, and the Fullers London Pride), a Spanish cider called el Gaitero, and three other Spanish beers - Estrella Damm, Birra Moretti and a beer from A.K. Damm which I wasn't sure what, and this Voll-Damm Doble Malta, which I'm gonna assume means double malt.

I bought three bottles that day, the cider, 1845, and hte Doble Malta, and I've already tried two of them. The Doble Malta was the first one I tried, and surprisingly, it was a pretty good beer. Clocking in at 7.2%ABV, it had a nice golden brown color and a really strong malty aroma.

The beer itself was surprisingly hoppy, and as expected was pretty malty as well. It was a really full-bodied beer too, and the finish was a real kick in the pinata, heh heh.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the beers next time, but at about RM20-30 a bottle, it's a little on the high priced side. Oh well, one at a time then...

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