Monday, 14 November 2011

Big Deal About Small Fry! New Toy Story Short, Whee!

Ooooh there's gonna be a new Toy Story short tagged on in front of The Muppet Movie next month! Whee!

It's gonna be called "Small Fry" and here's the synopsis:

Buzz Lightyear is left behind at a fast food restaurant when a kids’ meal toy version of Buzz takes his place. While Bonnie’s toys are stuck with the annoying three-inch-tall Buzz impersonator, the real Buzz is trapped in the restaurant at a support group for discarded toys. As Woody and the gang devise a way to rescue their friend, Buzz tries to escape the toy psychotherapy meeting.

Just look at that itsy-bitsy Buzz Lightyear! Haha so cute!

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Inn said...

my son loves his buzz!