Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Puss Leaves Shrek In The Litter Box

Puss In Boots.
Not a review
Puss Puss Puss Puss!
If any Shrek character deserves his own movie,
Then Puss In Boots is it!
(thank god it wasn't Donkey)

You know his name!
You know who voices him!
Now you will know how he became LEGEND!
And then became a sidekick to an ugly green ogre.

This was MUCH better than the last 2 Shrek movies COMBINED.
It only just loses to Shrek 2...
Because Shrek 2 was where he was first introduced.
Antonio Banderas is awesome.
Heck, he's ALWAYS been awesome.
And Puss In Boots is STILL the most awesome character EVER!
In the Shrek universe, of course.

Am I the only one who thinks Salma Hayek was a waste?
I only say that because having Salma Hayek in a movie,
And not having proper Cleavage Rating,
Is just SUCH a waste.
Especially with so many pussies around.
Hur hur hur.
(Then again, cat cleavage would probably be quite disturbing).

This was a real meow of a movie!
Doesn't choke on hairballs at all!
Leaves the last Shrek in the litter box!
Some good pussy parodies,
Some great kitty kapers,
And no pussy-footing around with pop culture spoofs.

Shrek should have stopped at two movies,
And Puss In Boots should have been the star after Shrek 2.
Let's hope they make another one,
And rope in Pinnochio or Gingy in!
Shrek, Donkey and Fiona can stay out of it.


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